When It Rains It Pours

The dam broke and now it’s raining

Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 2019

Both the self inflicted and consequential disasters are raining on the Trump regime by the day. It takes hours each day to keep track of the worsening situation.

There appears to be an emerging logistics problem with all of the bodies thrown under the bus. The bus had better be an all-wheel drive as the mountain of bodies is awesome. Even Turkey is in the act now, having thrown Trump’s embarrassingly stupid, third grade letter in the trash but then threw Pence under the bus to emphasize the point.

Pence, as always, struggled to repeat what he had been told by Trump and announced a ‘cease fire’ by Turkey in Syria that was immediately undercut by the Turkish foreign minister who explained that there was only a pause but no ceasefire. The Turkish bus went, thump, thump over Pence.

Meanwhile Mick Mulvaney, with a hand from Gordon Sondland, threw Trump under the bus by formally admitting it was all Trump’s quid pro quo in the Ukraine fiasco. We, of course, already knew that as Trump admitted it before denying it after the whistleblower and any other professional involved sounded the alarm at illegal actions by Trump. Mulvaney attempting to walk the admission back later did nothing but emphasize how badly he had blown it.

There seems to be a line forming to throw Trump under the bus. Some of them want to throw him under the bus and the others don’t won’t to but can’t help it. There’s not much else you can do with him as he really doesn’t have much idea of what he has or hasn’t done.

Nancy Pelosi got there first by throwing Trump under his own bus and then leaving. Poor Donny is totally bamboozled by powerful women and can’t figure out why Nancy doesn’t recognize his awesome brilliance. In a fit of stunning stupidity, even for Trump, he posted a picture of Nancy laying down the law in yesterday’s meeting while he, himself looked crazy and confused.

It has become a cliche that whenever Trump gets his ass handed to him, particularly by a woman, he can’t get past the schoolyard, “You’re one, too!”. That was already weak in the third grade. Needless to say Trump has been really busy smacking himself in the head with whatever he can pick up.

That brings up the Trump awarding next year’s G-7 to his own resort in Miami. That succeeded in leaving everyone stuck at, ok, of course, that’s what Trump would do in this kind of situation. What can you say? Once the House committees get around to it this will go on the impeachment list.

I think it is safe to say that next year’s G-7 will not be anywhere near a Trump property.

It’s not wise to get carried away, after all the only thing we have in the US is Nancy Pelosi maintaining the minimal response to a fascist, criminal regime that is massively corrupt. While it is always good seeing Trump and his fellow stooges owned, they are still in power and making no pretense of their criminal goals.

Normally that should produce serious police action to remove these people from positions of authority as an emergency act. My goodness, Rudy Giuliani is not in jail, yet? Trump is still pretending to be president? Pence hasn’t been forced to resign?

One would think that a person in a high federal position (Sondland) who simply took a half a million dollars to remodel his own home should receive more than a negative write up in the media. It appears that the word ‘shame’ is nowhere to be found in any dictionary owned by anyone in the Trump clown car.

This is not a minor issue. Trump and the entire Republican leadership are advocating fascism and committing criminal acts daily. This met with public outrage but only official hand wringing and the possibility of another note on the impeachment list.

The incredible disaster in Syria should be the last straw. Can we afford to wait for Trumpy to get another call from Putin? The idiot is owned and will do whatever Putin suggests in hopes of being praised. It appears that Putin is playing all sides of this as he finally has his base in Syria.

If that is not obvious then nothing is. It is time for the those people who are still supporting Trump to pay the price. They should not be allowed to escape as if they were only playing normal politics. They are complicit in crimes against the people and the planet.

I’ll repeat, this is going to get ugly and shuffling around trying to avoid taking the actions necessary to salvage what can be salvaged is not going to escape the ugliness. We are very close to having no system of justice and no rights.

The only viable branch of government remaining is the House of Representatives whether Nancy Pelosi wants to admit it or not. But she must act with the authority of Congress and that house with the designated Constitutional tools whether previously used or not. Now is the time.

The first wave of arrests should be all who are in contempt of Congress. Then we can start on the criminal indictments. After that things can finally begin to be repaired and changed to save us all.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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