When did we lose the future?

Somehow it slipped away and we didn’t notice

by Mike Meyer

This seems to have finally been realized with the passing of the fifth anniversary of Apollo 11. That has made it very clear that we have lost something very large indeed. It’s not just the moon but our future. This country no longer has one.

That is the continent wide gap that has been filled by small minded, ignorant people intent on driving out everyone else. We are now led by haters and thieves who are the guys who fart at a gathering and then look around trying to catch people’s eye so they can be recognized for their juvenile bravado.

Watching the mentally disintegrating Donald Trump makes this kind of thing our daily burden as it inspires the haters to finally act out their hate. Behind him we have people who have always wanted to demean people for fun and profit but couldn’t because they were scared. There the ones who could only work themselves up to farting in a group and then pointing at someone else. Now they have the cover they need. Racism, bigotry, and sadistic indulgence is ok. These folks are an ugly minority but they have power, so suck on it.

But it gets worse. The best that we have in the National leadership are people desperate to avoid loss in the political zero sum game that is all that they can imagine. There are no standards but short term political goals and endless manipulation. On one side criminal corruption and sycophancy on the other quivering concern with avoiding an possible loss.

What? Leadership? That just upsets people and then they may ask for real change rather than more of the same or a reality TV show has been. This is, after all, the best of all possible worlds. We just need to keep replacing one set of sycophants with another so we can keep this scam going.

That is the only allowable future. More of the same except with fascist, low order scum running things because they are easy to manipulate by the smarter ones. A future would definitely get in the way. So let’s build some more concentration camps for refugee children. There’s good money in that.

It’s a good warm up showing people how to look on with totally blank expressions at sick and starving children , who were seeking the freedom we use to advertise, crammed in cages. The base needs to be trained so they will cheer when the executions begin.

The future this country once had has been replaced with Capitalist Realism first defined by Mark Fisher. This is the inability to imagine anything but more and more capitalist consumption and greater and greater wealth to the ruling families. Everything else, now matter what it offers, is worse because our imagination has been destroyed. We have been stripped of any kind of alternative. The only focus is greed and denial to others. There is nothing else.

What we need is Acid Communism, an incomplete idea also by the late Mark Fisher. I would suggest that the acid involved is partially hallucinogenic but primarily chemical destruction of the growths that have blinded and crippled us. Endlessly repeated propaganda denouncing everything but capitalist greed and exploitation has created the cultural equivalent of the amyloid plaques in the brains of Alzheimer patients.

We need very strong medicine that will purge us of Capitalist Realism and the old rituals of denial and accusation. This will not be a ‘return’ to anything but the desperately needed discovery of a real future that may allow us to survive on this planet.

This is now a very different world than we have ever experienced. We have, perhaps, twelve years to begin reducing carbon drastically to hold at 1.5°C increase in temperature. That is probably too optimistic as we are burning through our carbon budget far faster than that goal allows.

We are seeing what 1.5°C increase means now and people are already starting to die from it. Just to complete the picture there is serious question that we could retain human civilization at 4°C. At this rate that is where we will be in seventy or eighty years.

To hold at even 2° means all fossil fuels need to be eliminated starting now. Drive past your local Ford or Dodge or Chevrolet dealership and look at the lots of giant pickup trucks that need to be scrapped. Who is going to do that?

Capitalist Realism will not even allow that image to be presented. The suggestion cannot be made. The only answer is that it cannot be done. Cannot, cannot, cannot.

A trillion trees will get us a quarter the way to our goal. How soon will we get a trillion trees planted? If we scrap all fossil fuel vehicles over the next ten years and plant a trillion trees and we may be half way there but that uses up our ten years and we are still going to be at 1.5° C on the way to 2.0°.

I’m interested to see the death toll from the current North American heat wave. Will people even notice? The official policy in the US is to ignore these things and not mention them as only the poor and the old tend to die because they can’t afford air conditioning. Real humans, the white ones, have air conditioning so it's just a mild inconvenience when the temperature goes over 110° F .

The great human problem is that we cannot comprehend the enormity and complexity of what we have created. The speed of climate change is being actively ignored while the US and other countries have collapsed into fascist insanity working to accelerate climate destruction. We are now going backward.

No one in any position of serious authority or likely to gain such a position will do more than nod in the direction of reality while diligently working to avoid any serious change. The best that we have in the US is Elizabeth Warren who actually understands the range of impending economic disasters and has plans to, oh so gently, begin moving in the direction of survival. She is constantly labeled a wild radical by people who should no longer be listened to.

She is not a radical but a new conservative in the moral universe of conserving life. The radicals are the fascists lying loudly and constantly while their minions work to destroy everything they can lay hands on.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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