Whatever categorization system we use we are evolving to more complexity. Obviously we have a significant percentage of the human population that is feeling captured by lower level attitudes and limitations.

At the same time those who do not yet see the universe as a higher level system are intimidated and angry at the push for things they cannot easily understand. This increasingly haunts me as it forces us to think in terms of hierarchies.

The higher systems are internally organized and diverse but the need to reach that level leads to conflict. Evolution is very difficult to force.

That may well be the gate that blocks civilizations in the Fermi Paradox. That embodies the internal paradox of accelerating evolution in order to avoid self destruction without using the very tools that cause self destruction.

This is what caused me, some year ago, to the realization that we will end up relying on our technological expertise to achieve the next stage of our evolution in time. AI can evolve fast enough but it leads to, in fact is totally dependent on, the Singularity.

Can we accept digital or hybrid forms as ‘us’? Or do we disappear and a new electronic species goes on?

You mention not eliminating emotions but there are areas, i.e., social and planetary complex management, that are not possible in unbiased form with human emotion.

The other possible path is full divergence. Perhaps we are simply evolving into two, or more, species. I early agreed with the concept of Punctuated Equilibrium (Stephan Jay Gould 1972) in evolutionary change.

If biology is not take as the only game in town, this works for my first option also. The problem is, what do we do with those who are a large enough percentage of our population to destroy us but can’t understand the threat that they represent.

As you have said previously there is need for the long view. But what if that view is longer than we have to survive. We have gotten ourselves into some very deep shit and don’t really seem to know how to get out but the stress is ramping emotions and irrationality.

Needless to say we have the latest climate analysis that does what they have all done so far and that is show that time is shorter than we are willing to admit. We cannot isolate the problem populations because our planet is a unit but we can’t think of it that way.

The problems are expanding geometrically and we are still caught in an arithmetic world. Despite our role as sentient beings that does seem to link us to a level of importance in how this reality changes, I don’t think it is dedicated to keeping us around if we keep screwing up.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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