What world are we in?

This is an excellent article arguing all of the points that would make an impeachment effort against Trump difficult. I actually agree with all of the points made. The best solution is the destruction of the Republican representation in Congress and elimination of Trump in the 2020 election. I wish that world still survived.

The logic used is the logic of a functioning political entity based on the traditional American structure. The base assumption is that there will be an election in 2020 with all participants following most of the rules and the political divide being just a noisy version of the traditional split between slightly more government and slightly less government.

Traditional logical arguments inevitably assume the traditional reality. To use only one historical analogy this is building your defense strategy based on the last war. The Maginot Line was logical and rational and quickly made completely irrelevant by technology changes with evolving strategies. Given the old assumptions the argument for the Maginot Line could not be faulted.

The historical reality found failure in the lack of understanding of the technologies that were evolving openly. Hindsight looks at what should have been obvious but was lost in traditional assumptions.

I’m very afraid that the mainstream thinking in America is simply refusing to recognize what is before us. Trump and the Republican criminal organization has no interest in elections other than as show. They have succeeded in destroying voting rights and proportionment in enough states to repeat the 2016 debacle. Their Russian allies are in full ramp up now.

And I will not waste time discussing whether or not the there was Russian collusion. There was and it continues. It is totally irrelevant now whether Mueller could prove specific acts. That was always recognized as a wild goose chase. Obfuscation, lies, destruction of evidence and general stupidity of Trump, his family, and associates worked quite well. The Russians provided the professional propaganda and confusion with the tech based tools. They could do that the best way by working through useful fools who didn’t need to understand what was happening. Trump and the Republicans supported the same goals.

Now we are in a different world. This world requires the construction of a new reality that can protect people form the devastation coming down on us while holding off the reactionary fascist opportunists seeking plunder.

We are no longer battling political policies and strategies. We are battling the forces of destruction and evil while we struggle with survival on a planet that we have pushed to destruction for our form of life.

Within that context pretending that an election will be allowed to end the destruction is naive. If nothing can be done against Trump and a flagrantly unconstitutional and illegal regime now, as Mueller admitted by failing to indict, who will enforce the results of an election?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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