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What we need to get

Trump is the dead past, what’s the living future?

Enough of this shit. No, not the idiot Trump shit nor the shit that comes with the lamented reappearance of the the fourth string clown, Giuliani. Trump has already run out of suckers to play the patsy for him so they had to dig up the old Rudy for Trump’s defense. No, all of that is the permanent slapstick and panic that has replaced politics in the US. Forget it. The only serious issue is Kim Jong-un but we’ll deal with that in a bit.

What we need to look at is what we should be doing. How do we fix this mess? We have a growing array of disasters that are coming to visit us shortly.

Top Problems

Climate change is number one and must be dealt with now or we will be so overwhelmed by climate migrations that there will be no way to salvage dying nation states of the western world.

The economy is wheezing with incomes down and stock markets up. The only thing moving up are badly distorted markets that are burning our future and sucking money out of most people’s pockets. The ignorant,way too many of the those, are being told to cheer their losses as the 1% rakes in billions and banks take in the rest. But it’s ok you can buy that really big pickup truck because Trump is taking it all in so you can be happy for him. More debt. That’s the answer.

We just went over $164 trillion in global debt. Debt for governments doesn’t mean what it means for people because governments issue currency. If people are unemployed in the old economy, and we are still stuck in the old economy, you need to increase debt and give it to the people to prime the economic pump. This is basic economics. Instead the idiots representing the 1% locked down most efforts to push the market when it was needed but then went crazy at full employment. In the US Trump’s already ignored tax plan, no, it wasn’t his as he doesn’t understand any of that, was a vast Republican give away to the 1% at the expense of the mass population. The economy running at full employment has no way to take up even the small flow of cash.

This is amazingly tied to a mindless and very vicious attack on non-white immigrants whether really immigrant or not. The only justification is creating hate to gain power. We desperately need all the immigrants we can get. We can’t survive in our present collapsing economy without them. At full employment, with boomers retiring as fast as they can get prescription for Percodan, the only growth will be courtesy of immigrants. The risk is inflation or worsened stagflation.

Who is carrying debt? Students? People with big trucks? What do you do with inflation? Raise interest rates and squeeze the economy. Need to destroy Medicare and Social Security in order to squeeze out the inflation. The 1% are fine they will make it on increased interest rates as they don’t have to work. Bankruptcy for everyone else. Except the students as they have no bankruptcy. Whatever they make will just be taken by the huge banks already bloated on everyone’s money.

The huge international mountain of debt will push the economy into instability. China owes almost 40% but they are still growing. The US doesn’t have the options that China has. What will happen. Trump’s followers will find out and we will all eat the collapse. 2019?

We need to change economics so that people own assets and one of their primary assets is the information that they generate by living. This is hoovered up by Facebook, Google and others for their benefit. That information needs to be owned by the people and they need to be paid if someone uses it to project market movements or purchasing.

The world economy is rapidly becoming a digital economy. That is very different. The idiots in charge of the US think it is 1958 and they are king shit. No this is not 1958. People need to gain control of the planets assets and their own information and make that the basis of the income. Simple work is going away. But everyone can become, at least partially, a member of the leisure class. That needs to start happening now.

What we really need

We need to replace the old, large nation states with regional, metropolitan administrative areas. And those should be digital states. Citizenship available on request. Eliminate borders.

Wait, wait! What are these people going crazy over immigrants? Who knows? They are haters that need to be put back in their box. Immigrants are what drive economic growth. And they take the jobs, initially, that are not taken. By next winter are vegetables are going to be expensive because idiot Trump’s police state, storm trooper abuse of immigrants is already leaving your vegetables rotting in their California fields. For what? Ask them. They don’t know. And, incidentally, they don’t care. They have theirs.

Immigration is critical to maintaining growth and economic innovations. We need to take the pressure off of areas facing severe drought and flooding from climate change. Those immigrants could be helping us. Try to block them and they will overwhelm us and we all die. Not a good choice.

As everyone knows we have only 3.5 million homeless in the US but about 18 million empty homes. We can invite 15 million immigrants and give them the extra homes after taking care of our own. We should be begging people to come. Invite Mexicans first as a token penance for stupidity. After all they are American and have relatives here.

Work to be done

Huge amounts of work to be done. Digital economies to build, open digital governments in administrative regions and a borderless planet to set up. Push growth with sustainability so we all benefit. Confiscate the wealth of the 1% by bypassing it with cryptocurrencies. Information is the basis of value not material goods. People in diversity are value not white supremacists. Racists are a dead loss. We don’t need them.

So what about Kim Jong-un? He thinks he is dealing with an insane man named Trump. Insane men will kill millions of people without a thought. Trump is without a thought. The North Koreans, and most of the rest of the people on this planet, are afraid about what Trump will do in ignorance. They aren't afraid of Trump because he is tough but because he is crazy and makes no sense. That is a disaster. They will do what they must to save themselves until Trump is removed. Is that in the US’s favor?

Richard Nixon forty-five years ago tried to convince both the North Vietnamese and the Chinese that he was a crazy man who would kill everyone on a whim. They knew he was bullshitting. Everyone knows that Trump is really crazy. We are the people who let a crazy man control the world’s largest pile of weapons. This will not turn out well for anyone.

Kim Jong-un needs to save Korea, Japan, and China from Trump. Who knows the best way? We and everyone else within collateral damage range are now at the mercy of Kim Jong-un dealing with what he understands is an insane idiot who has repeatedly threatened to destroy everything. And they have intercontinental ballistic missiles and hydrogen bombs.

Good luck and have a nice weekend.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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