What We Have Learned this July 4th

What we do now will make all the difference

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by Mike Meyer

We learned even more over July 4th about the true history of this country. While we should be immune to the antics of the stooge in the White House he managed to stun the planet with the image of the Colonial Army storming the airports of the British in the 1770s. Or perhaps it was the British storming Kennedy International? There was some problems with the clarity of this revelation.

Somehow this critical action was not reported previously. Wow. Who knew that this was part of our national heritage?

It is now very clear that the followers of said stooge have no interest in anything said or done by him. Several thousand of them spent hours in the rain listening to gibberish but were well satisfied in their racist and bigoted hearts. They are racists and haters and have no interest in anything else. whether or not they have been manipulated by Russian influence and Trump or Republican antics it is clear that they are all American and have no interest in anything but white nationalism and variations of bigotry.

That these people could stand in wet misery to support an idiot simply because he is a racist on the day we celebrate, “All men are created equal with certain unalienable rights . . . .”, makes this situation crystal clear. I’m certain none of them saw this as ironic. Obviously fake news.

But what should we do? Obviously these people are in direct defiance of the principles on which this nation is built and stand against the growing diversity that is this nation’s hope. That a person was illegitimately placed in the White House to shill for these immoral and criminal acts changes nothing.

Perhaps we let Sad Joe Biden just ignore it all. He can get along with anyone and none of it matters anyway, right? We can wait and replace an immoral shill for one a little less stupid and more discreet in filling his pockets.

Sad Joe was thoroughly hoist on his own petard by Kamala Harris. Perhaps we should stop wasting time on Sad Joe. In fact we should stop wasting time on anyone without a clear voice for immediate removal of the criminal corruption that has destroyed all national credibility.

The Republican Party is a criminal organization and needs to be dealt with as such and the Democratic Party is intellectually and politically bankrupt. Both parties need to be replaced.

The requirement for new parties must be a formal commitment to Universal Rights for any political organization in this country (or any other). Political parties are a matter of advocacy for rapid or slow change and support for specialized interests for any of the economic and environmental groups in society. This does not include denial of science or advocacy of mythology as a valid political position.

This does not include criminals or those that advocate criminal denial of rights and/or environmental destruction. We no longer have time or planetary resources for past mistakes if we are to have any future at all.

Is this so hard to do? It will be done as the climate crisis worsens but let’s not wait for it to be imposed by panicked governments. We have the majority and there is no reason to allow ourselves to be held hostage by a criminal minority and a corrupt regime. Let’s make this a positive statement of the majority of the country to act as, finally, a model for the planet.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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