What We Fail to See

Realization is growing that there is a better way beyond this disaster

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ April 7, 2020

We are now tired, easily distracted, and confused in our shelters watching, listening, and reading the drama of SARS CoV2. That this cataclysm arrives against the cacophony of a narcissistic psychopath shouting continuously for praise underscored by the dudgeon of his cascading federal failures is close to being unbearable.

Our media, in the US, take no responsibility and provide no relief. They simply repeat what officials say with no question and shove any response into the section marked opinions so they can shrug and focus on the bottom line. But the entire nation is dangling by a virtual thread with no idea to what that thread is attached.

Survival, sanitizers, medial masks, and social distancing are the sane parts of our days. The privileged among us are becoming better at maintaining these secure parts of our lives while everything else is out of reach. But those without the option of sheltering in place and no idea where the money for food and rent can be found or how soon they will fall sick and possibly die as they work, are only mentioned in passing.

We are in the fog of war. The destruction going on around us is mostly hidden but its potential deadliness is beginning to intrude. It is still very hard for people to realize that our economy will not survive in anything like the form we knew because the noise seems to repeat that it is almost past, the peak is only a week or two away. The unstated assumption is that things will quickly return to normal even though we know that is not true.

How will things be when this is over is one of the constant themes of conversation. We don’t know if COVID-19 will decline in summer but, even if it does, it seems to return on the removal of quarantines. We know that it will be, at least, a lingering threat until most people are vaccinated sometime next year.

That timeline is long and relief is too far away. The Amerian population cannot deal with things that last longer than a season. And that makes those things hidden, still, in the fog of pandemic war of more significant concern. What don’t we see?

The monster in the fog is the Trump, entirely out of control with nothing around him but smalltime criminals and losers who he can dominate. Experienced professionals in many disciplines have predicted what would happen. The insanity would grow, and there would be fewer and fewer controls to stop disasters. There are now none.

We have struggled for three years with sick awareness watching a portion of our population move from politics to social insanity. That quickly became a cult and it is becoming a death cult before our eyes. Trump is only suggesting that the old and weak should be willing to die for his and his fellow’s wealth and he does that through stooges so he can deny he said it himself. But his actions are producing thousands of deaths.

His insanity allows him to claim he cares while denying any real help to prevent more deaths. And his cultists are unquestioning and willing to die at his feet. Trump’s death cult will be recognized because Trump and his most insane followers will demand it.

There is a great deal of death hidden in the fog and only part of it is from the SARS CoV2 virus. Pretending it is not there does nothing but leave us completely unprepared. The outcome of the political disasters that the US is dealing with, mirrored in many respects with other post-industrial nations, is also hidden in a fog. The only thing that I can see is that it will either change quickly or change will be blocked and the explosion will be delayed and the outcomes potentially worse.

The dominant human inertia to keep things the same even if they are almost unbearable is breaking on the reef of irreversible change. In the US, we realize that the federal government is crippled and a massive part of the problem. So it is not relevant to any future solution.

We’ve already seen that with Trump being ignored in his daily parroting of lies, insanity, and snake oil pitches, by Governor Cuomo’s press conferences that contain real information. It is metropolitan and state governments who are now the focus. I suspect that the Trump audience numbers include people seeking entertainment of the sick fascination type along with his known cult followers. Everyone else does not need the ignorance, nausea, and disgust that Trump and his crew represent.

There is a rising awareness that we see the last of some things that were unquestioned and normal. There are many more of those hidden in the fog than most people suspect. The disappearance of the old political system is one of those.

There is, it seems, based on reading in social media, a growing awareness that we have an opportunity to in many ways to take advantage of what we are now learning. The old ways of endless work and low pay with no benefits while billionaires lounge and think up new ways to take whatever they want is not correct. The time spent already in lockdown, with the massive exception of those who have no choice but work, has begun to restore a sense of family and time to appreciate the more unaffected parts of our lives. That is profound realization long-discussed but never a realistic objective in the old world.

That our air is clearer in significant cities and the absence of traffic jams makes everything brighter in an, otherwise, grim spring. That carbon emissions are down making, even, north China cleaner than it has been in decades it stunning. We can do this although everything is stopped and while much must restarted, now we can be selective.

Coal and fossil fuel businesses should be allowed to die. We don’t need them except as a temporary measure over the next ten years. People can see this now. We need to keep this forced vision for all that it can do for us and our planet.

The most significant shift is the realization that everyone is in this pandemic and the disasters stemming from it together. The gentlest and most important statement was, I think, :

While we have faced challenges before, this one is different. This time we join with all nations across the globe in a common endeavor. Using the great advances of science and our instinctive compassion to heal, we will succeed, and that success will belong to every one of us.

This was not an emotional or earth-shaking speech but embodied something older and more important that we seem to have lost in recent decades. It is noteworthy that Boris Johnson was in the hospital with COVID-19 while the queen spoke.

That so many around the planet found this statement important suggests how much is changing. No lies, shouting, or outrageous accusations but that we are all in this together, and we will overcome.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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