What should the losers do?

Yes, China has won and the US as the only peer, with the EU as a distant third, abandoned even the pretense of democracy for antiquated fascism and corporate cronyism and gave up any leadership role. But that is done and no going back.

The Chinese reality for the planet is to work to redefine the goals of the authoritarian political force. China’s efficiency in administration is now unbeatable but people will continue to fight against direct authoritarian control. The Chinese themselves, through a long history far predating modern forms of authoritarianism are masters at playing the system to extract elements of control. No, this is not freedom of expression in the western since but it may be all that is left but can be used to grow a popular revolutionary movement for respect of human rights.

In memory of an old science fiction novel by Harry Harrison, if the government builds stainless walls evolution will produce stainless steel rats. But I think we are closer than we think to doing better than that if we throw away our blinders and look at this from a mid 21st century perspective.

The key is the balance between the two halves of the governing formula. The Chinese and specifically the young and educated, have accept the deal of limited freedom in direct exchange for greater personal wellbeing and opportunity. That is a moving target and the goals for the upcoming generations will move. What was good will not be good enough. This requires flexibility and that allows change. Rigidity cause rebellion and collapse.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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