What Needs to Happen

Its time to call a halt because it’s not going to get better

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ February 5, 2020

So what now? Many people would like to know. The corrupted Republican Party did what they had threatened to do and gave a pass to an incredibly guilty, extremely incompetent, and mentally ill individual holding the presidency. This charade was done without the benefit of a trial, as specified in the Constitution. The group in charge has made it clear that the US Constitution was not an issue to be considered.

The extreme downside of the question is the formal mainstream pandering to the absence of any moral standards. They are not, and the disaster is now at the final critical threshold. The only remaining chance to stop the plunge into full fascist dictatorship complete with Russian collusion is an, already, very shaky national election in November.

The US two-party system has failed. One party is a criminal group, and the other crippled by financial interest subversion and planned incompetence. At least I hope this intended incompetence. Otherwise, they have no excuse for the level of stupidity that they exhibit. It is less depressing to assume that they are working for the billionaire ruling class and rigging the ‘opposition’ to fail.

Descent into a moral swamp is not what the majority of the US population wants or has requested as critical. But that, of course, is of no concern. Forty years of suppressed income and removal of services to reduce any remaining taxes on the billionaire class has left the people demanding national healthcare, free education, and relief from huge debt layered on the majority.

That is only addressed by the new Democratic Socialist group that is somehow related to the previous Russian autocracy as claimed by the debtors to the new Russian autocracy. Absurdities abound in telling people that what they want and need is not what they should have and that only the billionaires deserve protection and benefits of any kind.

The point is that all of this is irrelevant. The future is very dark, indeed even without a gibbering psychopath as a dictator. Our survival at a level above subsistence by the end of the century is a serious question, and policies of planetary stupidity can only make that situation grimmer.

Unfortunately, a percentage of the population trained to accept lies as truth and to swallow self-destructive acts suitably sugar-coated with racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. Hatred can seem so empowering, although that, too, is a lie.

But there is no reason to belabor that reality as it is essential to keep in mind that well over fifty percent of the population wants nothing to do with this shit. Less than a hundred years ago, entire nations were swallowed by fascist brutality with only minor opposition. That is not going nearly as well today. We have come a long way.

Sadly, the road has gotten longer, and much rougher makes how far we have come small solace. But then, what do we do?

In the US, to the surprise of many, Nancy Pelosi kicked over Trump’s table and called it what it is. There is no rule now, and we must act. Tear up the government and stop all activity by the criminal regime.

Freeze all action and remove all funding from the illegitimate criminal actors. Continue Trump’s trial and begin to indict and charge members of the regime for their acts.

There is no need to worry about laws or the Consitution as that has been made irrelevant. Action in the name of the planet and all people is essential. Reveal every crime committed or suspected. Focus on those crimes and refuse to allow even a pretense of regular operation.

The criminal Republican Party was allowed to act illegally during the entire period of the Obama administration blocking legal court and Supreme Court appointments while frantically processing political shams and incompetents now. Any means are legitimate to prevent these actions.

Make all federal actions beyond normal operations impossible. Do it now.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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