What must be done . . .

I was just thinking about this again. My point, such as it was, yesterday was the feeling that we have hit the tipping point. That feeling is even stronger today.

I had the information that was out late yesterday that the issue was Ukraine. Obviously that brought up Giuliani who’s trip to Ukraine, a very troubled place, was close to, if not the, stupidest political junket ever completed in full public view.

The only cut out a that point was Rudy who is mentally dysfunctional enough that most people simply ignore him. Rudy didn’t go to the Ukraine to demand dirt on Joe Biden’s son because a little bird told him to. As I remember, this is unsourced, he admitted Trumpkin had sent him to do the dirt thing.

We have become so inured to Trump’s criminal incompetence that it was only noted that this is another impeachable act. Add it to the list. But without a direct link to Trump why bother? It would be distasteful and cruel to put Rudy in jail. What if he just immediately died? Would he even understand why he was in jail?

But September 2019 is now and not a few months ago. The pile of impeachable offenses has been growing quickly. More importantly Trump is much farther along the road to a very vicious form of dementia. We’ve just come out of Sharpiegate right after the hissy fit over not being able to buy Greenland with weekly if not more frequent Trump rants that exhibit irrationality.

While the Trump followers are now also being presented, accurately, as addicts and mentally unreliable, that was obvious months ago but was not being publicly stated and affirmed as such. Even Moscow Mitch is frantically trying to salvage his ass as being a Russian stooge by adding some election security money to another bill, way too little and way too late.

The fire that is burning, very much like the climate crisis, is suddenly too hot to be discounted as ‘just politics’ or as distant and unrelated to the rest of us. The flames are visible and the heat is already almost uncomfortable.

Hmmm. Maybe this is not the time to have a deteriorating, small time criminal with a very tenuous grip on reality fronting the nation. It was fun when it was all just making fun of the politicians and the government and all the stuff that mattered was still working but things are becoming iffier by the day. Shit, this could get unfunny really quick.

I have never expected the senate would actually impeach Trump and I don’t expect the criminal organization, previously known as the Republican Party, to do anything but continue to plunder and destroy while groveling at Trump’s feet or hiding as far from sight as possible.

If this goes to a vote in the senate we are already dead. Trump, Pence, and Moscow Mitch must be forced to resign in the face of public anger. There is not enough left of the federal government structure to actually do anything but gibber, whine, and then crawl away.

This is what must happen because there is no Plan B. Trump will just threaten, lie, have lawsuits filed, scream and rage while the previous Republican Party nods and claps based on the national history of doing nothing that says they will be held responsible. That must end. And the Democratic Party won’t do anything until after it is all over because they might upset someone. Remember they are mostly millionaires, too

There is no PLan B. The 2020 election will matter only if Trump and all are removed before that. If they are not the election will be a farce and the new concentration camps will be filling up by March 2021.

Arizona and the Trumpistan confederate states will be America’s Siberia and the mother of all Gulags. Instead of cold these will be increasingly hot and even easier to die in. And many people are beginning to see this.

Will we be able to save ourselves?

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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