What It Will Take to Make It

Part 2 of We Are Still Not Making It

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ April 3, 2021

Protection of your own racial or ethnic privileges is not a right. Oppressing or removing the rights of others is not a right. Ignoring scientific consensus publicly while promoting objectively verified falsehoods, otherwise known as lies, is not a right and, even in America’s racially-biased judicial and political systems, teeters on the edge of criminality.

I think that all of the above should be clearly defined as criminal acts. We need to get our house in order, and America’s house is in an advanced stage of collapse, although it is our planetary house that matters. It is our planetary house that is the venue for our climate disaster, asset destruction.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to get our planetary house in order until we clean out the criminal neighborhood gangs that control many of the old nation-states. Metropolitan administrations are pragmatically functional and have the highest approval ratings of their residents. Problems come above that at more abstract political levels and below that in thinly populated provincial regions.

Any restructuring or simple house cleaning requires an objective and hard look at all the clutter that had accumulated over the years, decades, or centuries. What doesn’t work any longer or what is blocking other systems from working needs to go. These are ideological assumptions with no remaining validity, failed methodologies made redundant by newer technology, and superfluous layers of government and bureaucracy.

This is a complex and massively difficult problem, but the alternative is slowly growing misery and death. It has been clear for thirty years that our climate disaster will become a climate apocalypse and will wipe out much of human civilization in the next hundred years unless we transform our economic and social structure. But that is not what is being talked about.

The official conversation is not a conversation but unremitting attacks on science and the reality around us to deny that anything needs to change. This is the ideological, in fact, totalitarian assertion that there is no alternative to business as usual. This is Capitalist Realism.

Until the end of the 20th century, the tactics of Capitalist Realism were simply to deny science and any knowledge of climate warming and all the elements of that original hyperobject. No such thing could exist.

That failed as the demands of increasingly better-educated populations and those unable to ignore vast global climate disasters required acknowledging of our climate reality. Grudging admission of climate problems allowed discussion of future action to prevent the worst future problems even though they may not even exist.

Business as usual within Capitalist Realism would now solve the climate catastrophe with minimal changes. At the same time, the scientific climate community after 2006 changed from climate crisis warnings to climate apocalypse without radical change.

The combination of ruling elites’ traditional denial of science and denial of any reality but Capitalist Reality, with growing scientific concern with failure to make fundamental planetary changes, produced the current pretense of action while denying all major change. This plays directly to the incredible difficulty to model planetary climate in terms simple enough for a major portion of our population.

For that population, the substitution of favored conspiracy theories based on the unstated assumption that everything is a conspiracy theory means that no intellectual effort needs to be made. The most troubled populations can simply choose the theory that is most comfortable for them.

Politically the people who have gained incredible wealth, primarily through radical capitalism's predatory economics, defined by the US and its major allies, in conjunction with the small groups exploiting vast planetary assets, have no interest in anything changing. That they have the wealth and power to deflect and deny reality for their own interests with the governmental controls to block all but cursory remediation of our problems is well known.

This commitment to ‘business as usual’ brings together radical capitalists and traditional authoritarians who realize that paradigmatic social and economic change must remove both groups from power. International threats and accusations, denunciations, and claims of human rights abuses are shadow boxing distractions.

China is moving ahead of the US as a lead capitalist state based on national planning efficiency and a newer pseudo-representative government that is slightly less corrupt and more rational. Improved efficiency can claim the power to mitigate climate heating quicker, but only if it destroys itself as a state capitalist system. That, surprisingly, is not in the new five-year plans.

That all capitalist-based economics and supporting governmental systems must go wherever they are and in whatever form they exist is the reality. That is never mentioned in any official media yet the logic is within the grasp of the majority of the human population. This is the area of our planetary house that is in critical need of cleaning and must be demanded.

These systems are unsustainable feeding not only climate heating and asset destruction but maldistribution of assets and denial of wellbeing to all life forms. They represent minority control of the planet by tiny elites dedicated to the selfish rejection of all other’s rights.

The planetary conversation on the climate disaster is controlled by existing exploitive interests and not the scientific community. That is why the discussion is an endless debate over radical climate science versus business as usual, masquerading as common sense that is neither common nor sensical. But it is what the great majority of the population has learned to accept as the norm.

The climate disaster is an hyperobject that cannot be understood as a parsable problem. It exists at a level of complexity beyond most human abilities to understand. That effectively means that the educated can struggle to grasp it. The highly scientific can work to understand it. The middle majority must accept the scientific descriptions, but the least educated and most reactive reject science and are left with no explanations but magical conspiracies.

We are learning how deadly magical conspiracies as belief systems are in the emerging Anthropocene age. The 21st century has been a rising crescendo of disasters centered in the nations most subject to both ‘business as usual’ and ‘magical conspiracies’. To state this more simply, ‘business as usual’ must have ‘magical conspiracies’ as the frightening explanation for all alternative social systems.

While half to two-thirds of the population senses this as a simplistic lie, those confused, desperate, and frightened have always been allowed to rely on magical conspiracies. They are the ones who cling to mythological religion as the only valid explanation for the universe that encompasses us. This has no evolved into dangerous political conspiracies, Qanon, and neofascism, replacing policy for groups vying for control of the most reactionary.

That leads us to another unsolvable problem in our current array of hyperobjects. Magical conspiracies are prerational and rely on belief without objectivity or logic. That is our ancient world of universal causation entangled with magical morality based on supernatural forms of good and evil.

This defined wars of religion and absolute ideology. The end justifies the means but the end is arbitrary producing great evil in the name of absolute good. We cannot allow the confused and challenged minority to pull us back into our past filled with snakes and alligators managed by brutal sociopaths with the rational and ethical pushed to the fringe.

We must assert rational and scientific reality or pay a horrible price. Much of the planet’s population are scared and know that our political and economic systems are corrupt and dysfunctional. The dens of ignorance and elitist control need to be cleaned out first.

This is not easy and will require a commitment of the majority who understand the dilemmas we face even if they are not fully able to understand the nature of hyperobjects in our new, 21st century, universe.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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