What if Trump refuses to go?

He may not be rational enough to respond

What will happen when Donald Trump refuses to go? The mainstream media are beginning to build for his resignation. As always simple human suffering and gross incompetence are not justification for changing anything in America. Being a white supremacist, criminal, often irrational, and even a Russian agent is all regrettable but as long as the American economy is safely being pillaged by the elite who pay the politicians, it is small effect.

All of these things have been apparent since 2016 but not to the ones that mattered. All of those things have been determined and recorded in indictments and sentencing documents this year. The only missing detail is Mueller’s report that will, again, confirm the criminal plan and acts at all levels of the Trump family and regime likely only to add something like influence of a foreign power to the potential charges. Even being lick shit stupid causes not even a waver in the support of the ruling elite.

Never the less Trump has managed to commit the unforgivable sin of creating market disruptions that have sent the planetary economy into dangerous wobbles. These wobbles are not yet a crash but he obviously has no sense of how his childish games could cause that. And he keeps swatting at the donkey hoping to get everything even though he only hits himself in the head.

We are now hearing from the voices that speak for the nation that there is, finally, serious concern. That equals flashing red lights and sirens in that narrowly focused world. Money is all that matters and the ones that matter being able to get it all, is the highest purpose in life.

The gears that have been locked for the last two years are starting to turn. This will advance ponderously but the gears will steadily pick up speed. And Trump can feel the vibrations in the huge federal mechanism that is now his prison.

His panic is horrible to watch as he has only the sense of impending doom but that is faceless. An incompetent or corrupt attorney general can do nothing. Neither he nor the rest of us actually know who makes the decisions in this but key words now allowed to appear in print on the primary media lips. Resignation at the passing of a bill of impeachment.

It will happen now and the assumption of the absolute refusal of the Republican in Congress to allow it is no longer an issue. The Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives is the cover then need. At least twenty Republican members will support Pelosi’s move. The hope is that no real vote will be needed in the Senate because the death warrant will have been delivered to the White House.

This is now the official agenda for 2019.

Some might think that the Democratic takeover is a blow to the oligarchy. No. Pelosi is Speaker for a reason. She is part of the elite holding the position of ‘reasonable’ opposition. She is extremely knowledgeable and powerful. She has kept the oligarchy safe for many years already. She will manage this correction to a rogue who didn’t know how to play.

If Pelosi has not overcome the new force rebellion there is a good chance that Trump would have been dealt with by the dangerously new Constitutional method of removing a sick person from power. That is almost as frightening as Trump himself.

I think it is important to understand that I am not attacking Pelosi for what she is. This is the system we have and we can be sure that the removal of Trump will change very little. Possibly some pieces of HR1 will be allowed to happen. There have been far too many abuses among the wing nuts who took over the Republican Party at the state level. Providing independent federal districting will remove them as there are not enough people who would actually vote for those people in an actual voting district.

But the real question is, what to do when Trump flips out and tweets for his followers to rise up and protect him. The pundits that have now proved they drive Trump to any action they want is a major issue. Whois controlling them? It could be Putin. It could be other faceless powers. We don’t know.

With luck the American oligarchy will be able to simply pull their plug and they will remain silent to Trumps frantic tweets. Based on the level of insanity that I have described in Trump’s own there well could be some violence in cities near their centers of power. While these people are rural and suburban they dont’ get much coverage rampaging through corn fields. So there will probably be some blood.

I will only mention this as a extreme outside case but most people do not realize how much of this was orchestrated by Putin and the Russians. They have never given up on their disinformation campaign to what we know as Trump’s base. It would surprise me if they tried to trigger an uprising because they don’t have enough control yet. But it is a point that need to be brought out in the open after Trump is gone.

The democratic socialist force in America is aligned with planetary changes now. The real battle will be to avoid being compromised into acceptance of the old system once the evil one is gone.

That’s when the real battle for change that could save America will begin. After Trump is gone.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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