hat are the Conservative Policies?

The Republican Party was once recognizably Conservative and had a philosophy and policies

just read an interesting article asking a question that has been of concern to me*. Where is the Conservative policy process and critical analysis? For that matter what is the policy agenda of the Republican Party in power?

They are in power with nearly complete control of all levels of government in this country. Th

at is the period in which major changes are made in the direction of the country under the control of both federal and state governments. Things are discussed and things happen or don’t happen due to changes resulting from actual reality of having to rule.

Can anyone point me to where the Conservative principles and policy agenda are being reviewed and turned into a working process of implementation for the US? I’ll give you a hint: They do not appear to exist.

As far as I can see the only policy of this completely Republican administration is to destroy Obama’s health care reform if they could. They’ve apparently given up except to attempt to destroy it late at night behind the scenes. Since they are the only ones in power this is a little confusing.

They managed to put together a massive and massively destructive tax cut for the extremely wealth. This seems to have included some short term trickle down to the moderately wealthy but nothing for the great majority of the middle class who have been slowly sinking for forty years. Again this was done as a surprise with no discussion let alone placement of the elements of this bill in the context of a conservative economic agenda.

Of course with a buffoon as president who is unable to do anything but generate chaos we can expect nothing from the executive except diplomatic disasters and possible war. But the Republicans have maintained for years they don’t need anyone as president except a person with the ability to sign his name where directed. So they have what they wanted. This has actually become clearer as Trump is simply ignored except when he uses executive authority to do something either stupid or irrelevant. Congress acts purely on its own.

Paul Ryan created a budget several year ago that was so absurd no one, and I’m talking about the Republican side, was willing to even discuss it. In reality the Ryan produce was the symbolic destruction of Roosevelt’s New Deal including wiping out Social Security. As the only supporters of the Republican Party beside a few thousand very rich people are Fox News devotees who, at an average age of 67, are totally dependend on Social Security to survive. It’s not even symbolic if it immediately destroys its base membership.

The only other very general policies seem to be denial of climate change, mass deportations of working residents, denial of racism as a problem, and a strong hope that public education at all levels will go away.

Climate change, unfortunately real and causing disasters, must be dealt with even if you pretend nothing is happening. This may be an emerging policy based on Puerto Rico. You simply pretend that nothing happened. Unfortunately that only works for island territories as the impact on neighboring areas cause serious upset to their Congressional representatives. This does not appear to be a well thought out policy.

The same can be said for the gestapo version of immigration policy. Destruction of long established working families does nothing good for any community. This has already lurched directly into ethnic cleansing and other area as of crime against humanity. Definitely not a promising policy development.

The same can be said for wishing public education to go away. A majority of the population sees great value in public education at all levels or their children and, even among the Republican demographic that has a very limited Fox News view of the planet, there is a general understanding that industrialized states provide mostly free education. To cripple this and cause it to whither certainly should require a well articulated policy arguing the benefit of an uneducated population.

As the default Republican policy seems to be support for white supremacy this is a change as the previous policy seems to have been denial that racism exists. I have yet to see a policy paper or discussion on the benefits of white supremacy in what will soon be a majority non-white country. Of course this does fit the ethnic cleansing approach to immigration reform. Has this policy decision been made? Where is it articulated?

If this were still a working nation state under the laws and institutional structure that has evolved over the last 250 years the official political party in full power should be working to a publicly visible and openly discussed philosophical and policy agenda. Where is it?

If there is no Conservative policy except the broad suggestions I’ve listed above I think we are in serious trouble. This is not a ‘left’ versus ‘right’ political position but a broad institutional question on the viability of have of the federal political structure. I remember reading William Buckley as a student and understanding the long tradition of Conservative development in England and the US dating back to the French Revolution. I didn’t agree with it but I recognized the position and the validity of the arguments.

You do not ave a viable political entity without serious philosophical statements and policy proposals that can be argued. Without that you have only Trump and authoritarian idiocy.




Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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