What an amazing situation. We have a known liar, criminal, white supremacist, and general asshole who is known to have spent years doing anything to get Russian money to keep up his facade of wealth which he refuses to release his tax information for fear of showing, who is also obviously, desperately afraid of Putin because of kompromat while struggling to maintain a facade of political activity, with a special counsel steadily building incrementation evidence, but no one is even suggesting doing anything about it. Our media writes about this as if this the normal course of federal political life.

Folks, we are almost nine months into a the largest disaster to have ever happened since the civil war, that has totally destroyed our national credibility, wiped out our ability to function internationally, made us the laughing stock of the planet, and there is nothing that we can do? So what thirty percent of the population voted for or supports a criminal? This is not a an argument over placemats at a dinner party. We are on the edge of nuclear war for the first time in fifty years and this gibbering idiot is president and is trying to figure out how he can sell more hats? And there is nothing that can be done?

I suggested this back in December: We have five living, past presidents. We should simply begin demanding that they form a special executive council and order Trump and his regime held under house arrest until charges or brought and a new federal election can be held. They would provide interim, executive authority. While I would prefer that Congress be removed pending a nationally managed reapportionment to remove all the gerrymandering, that might be too much. An interim executive council is probably the most we can do.

Is this too much to salvage this country? The damage is already bad and getting worse, maybe even terminal, fast. It’s as if we won’t be held responsible for the decisions and actions we fail to take in a very clear disaster. ‘But there was nothing we could do’ does not go down well historically.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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