Well that didn’t go well

Trump’s Helsinki disaster

What everyone feared has happened. While it was expected there is the problem of actually doing something with a broken system. Now that treason is the trending word on Twitter things need to happen. There is really no going back as Trump groveled so obviously that I doubt there is anyone with any stomach to defend him, other than Putin. The hardcore owners of the Republican Party that were using Trump will now scramble to sink him and try to salvage the situation by trying to protect the co-conspirators. Will Trump and his, rather lame, supporters in the old Republican Party actually be charged with treason?

The crumbling American political system doesn’t have any good ways of doing this other than impeachment for someone sitting in the president’s position.

Logically Trump needs to go before his ragtag congressional accessories can be cleaned up. If Mueller moves quickly, and that may very well be the case now, the direct conspirators will be indicted and that will definitely thin out the Trump crowd. But what happens after that?

In the perfect world criminal charges would be brought against the Republican leadership in Congress. At this stage there would be a problem to find anyone left in Congress on the majority side who is free of contamination to take leadership.

While this leaves a bad taste it may well be necessary to bring the minority leadership in as interim congressional leaders until a clean election can be scheduled. The chaos that will come from this may well mean an interim government for two years or so.

I would suggest a full government election for 2020 tied to the new census after independent, preferably, international certification and removal of all gerrymandered districts.

One possibility is to give Mueller the whole thing and let him manage the interim government and manage the organization of a full, clean, national election. Doing this under the Justice Department with uncontaminated Republican appointees is probably the best solution we will have.

Let the clean up begin.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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