Well stated, Ezinne Ukoha. There are so many layers of bullshit that has been piled high by American Racists and Whites having been given free reign to dream as much hate as they can manage for the last thirty years.

There are always people like that but they have no business being allowed political authority let alone power. I would suggest you read the previous sentence again. We need to come to terms with the failure of a pseudo democratic government that allows this to happen. And “coming to terms” with that is not pretending that this percentage of the population is going to realize the error of their ways and lead us all in a rousing chorus of Kumbaya.

This critical, structural dilemma could have been avoided if one of the two official political parties had not sold its self to the unforgivable rather than update its failed policies. Once the semblance of democratic ethics (it was thin veneer in any case) is destroyed we have to act to guarantee that this will not continue or be repeated.

It may be that we must allow everyone (literally) to have a formal say in their local government. At the regional, national, and planetary level universal standards need to be protected and enforced. This would have to be rigidly limited to an agreement on universal rights supported by public data for everyone. This is what is now possible.

We are all very worried by this AI analyszed data models being used without our consent and against us. The best defense is offense by taking control of that data publicly for use in identifying unethical, immoral, and dangerous people actively attacking others. Not in the hands of corporations and not in the hands of corrupt governmental entities but fully transparently as part of voter registration.

China is showing how this will be done. The new democracy will need to actively use this for the majority to define a new moral unity. If the majority is providing their data to define the majority standard extremists can be limited in influence until their actions show they are again within the planetary standard for human/sentient rights.

I don’t see any clear alternative to using our technology for us rather than for them. Ignoring it is not possible and will be usurped by authoritarians and racists.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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