Well stated. Unfortunately, this a textbook case of social psychosis with a cult leader. The pitiful response you received here is symptomatic of the complete denial of reality in favor of massive conspiracies that immediately fall apart at any level of magnification.

The usual strawmen are trotted out, claiming the mass media is manipulated. Of course, the mass media is manipulated. But that manipulation is not a conspiracy other than to maximize profit and protect the ruling elite of the country. That makes it very difficult for people seeking simple answers hence the lure of con-artists and snake oil salespeople.

As you note, Trump's only skill is a lifetime of lies, manipulation, stiffing those stupid enough to get involved, and avoiding all responsibility. He has come to grief finally, having tried to fake a bigger scam than he could comprehend.

So now we have a classic case of narcissistic rage, equivalent to a three-year-old’s tantrum at being denied candy. There is no evidence, and so Trump is down to non-legal people shouting the same bullshit but, in the courtroom, having to admit there is no evidence.

But it makes no difference to his followers desperately trying to hold on to an ugly illusion. In the worst cases, that ugly illusion has been internalized, and the connection to reality has been lost.

Yes, the entire US political system and economy are incredibly corrupt and almost completely dysfunctional. But the reason is far larger and more serious than is being endlessly repeated chanted in the Trumpistan swamps.

We can expect many of these swamps to dry up after Trump is removed, although too many will remain and will need to be isolated and cleaned up at some point.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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