Well stated and profoundly depressing. I’ve been writing on the underlying structural failures that have been appearing in the modern governmental system for years. The last three have been increasingly frantic as the options disappeared and the depth of the delusions of normalcy grew.

I think that people are finally seeing this but no one wants to break it open and see what is inside. Centuries of death driven destruction and the acceptance, as you note, of socio and psychopathic leadership have reached a level that will destroy most, if not all, life on this planet.

But things have been getting better and better, is the thinking that is killing us. We’ll just wait for the election and things will be alright.

But the Trumpified Republican regime is merely a puss filled sore on a cancerous political body that was, itself, built on genocide and unlimited exploitation. The human disease can be cured but that is thin hope and is true only because many people are struggling with this realization.

To start requires completely new thinking and a return to something that we have abandoned many times already out of moral failure and greed. The cure will require isolating the disease carriers and placing them in a status that precludes any authority or power. In the past the same type of people would simply eliminate them and the cycle would start again. The American Revolution was very much a refinement of the old and not a totally new start. Centuries of genocide and slavery guaranteed that.

To use a biological metaphor, the diseased cells need to be tagged so they can be neutralized but we have no white cells to do that. The system is inherently corrupt and cannot produce anything that would save us. So we, the majority, will need to take matters into our hands somehow.

The only way we can do that without falling into the ancient trap is to mock, denounce, refuse to recognize lies and ignorance, and constantly demand removal. The wafflers and those who acquiesce in futile hope must be loudly mocked and denied and, ultimately, forced to action.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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