Well, Marley K., you laid it out for all to see. I wish I could say the reality has changed, and it has, but not enough I’m afraid.

Most of the media babble is about Trump and his goons with Russian GRU fronts building up the propaganda machine to confuse the older folks, voter intimidation, and sheer bluster from a loser. But the self righteous denunciation of violence, oddly concerned only with property damage and white guys suffering, and silent, again, on continuing police murders, scares me.

We all know that Trump and his bumbling gestapo wannabes will get blood in the street because that is power that creates fear. Who will stop them? No one. Biden tried but is back in the police state fold and only property matters. Recognition of rights means recognition of power and that is respect. The best power is the power reserved and not wasted but that means standing up to criminal forces that have made a parasitic home in the state.

Communities are no longer equal. Corrupt police are the same as illegal neonazi militias. They need to be condemned and marked for replacement. This will require first a national cleaning and then a formal process of reconciliation. If both are not done the nation will crumble. Any half way shuffle avoiding the hard purging of racist people from any position of authority anywhere is the end and the Union is broken. The racist states will be closed off and must be isolated.

Let’s work to make that future a bad dream that does not happen.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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