Well, I think that is a national emergency all to itself. I had started to include it but in the interest of brevity I consigned that to Phase 3 National Religious Disaster. Also in the interest of being open to diversity and opinions the first policy of the National Religious Disaster would to only remove tax exemption from religious organizations.

That would meet the long abused constitutional requirement of full separation of church and state. Unquestioned tax exemption obviously supports religion. Why?

Now, many such organizations take seriously a belief in aiding and supporting their communities. That should be encouraged. Many community organizations do this and are tax exempt under the federal 501c3 exemption. They are required to file tax returns to show that they return monies to support their community. They simply need to prove their value to the community. Any church would be free to do this.

I’m certain that this would poke a large hole in the evangelist’s boats. nonprofit means nonprofit. Yes, there are many large abuses of this but they have to work a little harder to do it. That is only reasonable.

Now the big problem is that churches have no business damaging education more than it is already damaged. We have enough trouble now salvaging a livable biosphere from our own depredations with people convincing other people that obscure mythology means it doesn’t matter. That is not a freedom worth dying for.

With no tax free money to be made we know what happens to religions in post industrial societies. That will also take the fun out of teaching hatred and bigotry for personal gain.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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