Well, I did not claim to have done any great research on the guy but was relating my tangential discovery of him as a lesson in bad interviewing techniques so I wasn’t making a final judgement. After more research, secondary, I’ve decided it isn’t worth my time to do any primary research. The man is an interesting product of social media and Patreon but, hopefully, will work a nice nest egg out of his notoriety.

I will stand by my initial impression from video interview I first saw. He is an adept and skillful debater. The woman reporter from the interview was no match for him. He simply danced around stinging like a bee and dodging everything she did. She hadn’t, obviously, spent years in university defenses let alone departmental fights, so it was a slaughter. But she was still right. And he was a cliched asshole.

It is interesting that he has abandoned serious academic work though not surprising. The money is not impressive. He has been thoroughly dispensed with in that arena and collecting followers with his mellifluous flow of words is much more fun. Particularly when they don’t call him out on things he doesn’t want to explain.

But I’m afraid a bigot is a bigot however he speaks. Complaining about extreme cases of identity definitions is fine but it is the extremity that is the problem. Diversity is the great strength of humanity that is only now emerging. We need discussion and criticism to learn how to use and control that strength in 21st century urban societies. It is intimidating for those not yet ready for that world but there is a percentage not yet ready for any evolutionary change. These need to be respected but not allowed to get in the way.

Jordan Peterson is articulating those people’s vague but growing discomfort. That has some value in a clinical sense and he is well suited to analysis of symptoms. He doesn’t have much handle on the underlying problems and seems content to suggest palliatives for the symptoms that are clearly not a cure. He is already on the way to leading his followers down an old familiar rat hole. Hence my original opinion that he is simply saying what some people want to hear.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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