We need to understand our deep history. Part of the planetary, social structural phase shift we are experiencing is focused on a rediscovery of our original spiritual processes that allowed us to colonize, as you say, this planet. This is rapidly replacing the artifacts of the early, classical civilizations that evolved from god kings to mass ethical religions designed to support the aristocratic empires. As in all historical stages this was a great leap forward for human social organization but ended up as a means of exploitation almost exclusively. The replacement of divine right monarchies, the end stage of the god king, by elite rule in the name of the “people” used the classical religions even more rationalized to justify continued racist oligarchic rule. Pardon the very high level summary of about three thousand years of history.

We are well beyond this now having spent the last century or so in transition to increasingly individualized empowerment. Briefly this has been a steady movement toward individual spirituality. A return, if you will, to the earliest stage of spirituality that assisted individuals and small groups making their way to new environments and contacts with tribal groups in distant places.My thought is that this is now happening for the same reason as we begin to define new forms of sociopolitical organization on this planet while preparing to make the move off of this planet in the ancient pattern. In launching into the completely unknown we need the ability to imagine a way that we can communicate and understand beyond our basic logical and scientific methods. This is our preparation.

In terms of the non-rationality of spiritual thinking, I don’t think it matters that it is only in our heads. In fact at this stage we can understand that we need the full power of our brains to do this and that includes the complex and non-linear processes that we have, such as they are. There are no gods out there but there are gods out there. Out of necessity we will need to communicate with them. And this may also be preparing us for AI augmentation that gives us even stranger things in our heads.

Just a thought on this . . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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