We need to talk

Some honesty at the size of our dilemma

by Mike Meyer

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

The situation is getting worse by the day. Even having some understanding of the power of change driving the transformation of human society doesn’t help. That is an intellectual process that must be effectively emotionless. Reality is emotional particularly when social disruption turns loose the ancient forces of evil. The establishment of concentration camps for racial cleansing run by our own gestapo that has appeared in fully official criminal form seems to have been in the works for years. Where the hell did these enthusiastic gestapo types come from? Were they released from prisons and given a job?

So let’s start from this. This is not the kind of thing that can be dealt with as a political miscalculation. This is not an unfortunate, individual mistake that can be corrected by determining who was responsible and then simply firing them. This is the formal policy of the United States enacted at the demand of the person in the White House and, it appears, with enthusiastic support of everyone in that administration baring only those who are so incompetent as to be dysfunctional. And there are several of those, fortunately crippled enough, that they can’t do what they really want to do.

Stop right here. This actually ceased being political several months ago. There are no legitimate political policies or debatable issues around genocide, racially based kidnapping of thousands of children, and complete disregard of any process to be able to return those children to their parents. These are the actions of people who’s next move will be the logical elimination of the problem. There is, in their minds, no need to waste the effort of keeping track of the little criminals. And this goes right to the top.

As an unfortunate illustration of this Melania Trump was sent to a carefully chosen children's concentration camp this morning. She was initially wearing a jacket with the statement “I Really Don’t Care, Do U” on the back. It’s a little hard to imagine the scene as she was getting ready to leave the White House this morning. One of two options: “I better wear a jacket in case it rains. Oh, this one lying here will do . . .”. No one bothered to look at the jacket and suggest that it might be giving the wrong message. The second option: “Here, Melania, be sure to wear this going to the plane and coming back here. Don’t wear it at the concentration, umm, detention facility. Our supporters will love it and it will drive the media crazy. We can have a little fun . . .”.

And what does planet wide condemnation at a level unheard of in years accomplish? Self congratulations and orders to ignore the children in detention now and to build larger concentration camps to keep the families imprisoned together but the laws must be changed to remove any time limits.

Here is why we need to talk. Anyone who still supports these actions is complicit in crimes against humanity. We can no longer consider this a political disagreement. The people involved in working for and supporting this criminal regime need to be dealt appropriately and quickly. What other choice do we have? Failing to act makes us complicit.

How do we deal with this? We have lost control of our federal government. There is no one to act on our behalf to do what needs to be done. Can we count on the FBI? Our military commands? How do we tell them to identify and remove these people from any position of authority? What do we do with them? Oh, just wait for the next election? Where will these people be by then in their descent into evil?

The majority of our population agrees that this should be stopped. That this is all profoundly wrong. The people in control have made it clear that they will only lie and then do what they want another way as shown by the crude effort to confuse reaction described above. They have blatantly ignored law and the constitution. These people are morally and ethically depraved. What do we do? Who can we count on?

There are several million people who voted for the people committing these crimes against humanity. What do we do with them? We know some of them are dangerous and committed to evil unless they are stopped. How we do deal with that?

This is no longer an academic discussion. We must act or take responsibility for our failure to do what must be done.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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