We knew it was coming

We need to put God away until we are old enough to play with things like that. It was ok when we were little and thought we were playing with dolls.

Kids play games and fight about their toys. Then people started killing each other over it and that’s not cool. But we have to learn right?

We need to grow up now. We’ve made enough of a mess of our planet to start killing ourselves and much other life which means it’s time to grow up.

We have way too many people who are still playing little kid games. So no more gods. If we get our planet cleaned up and learn how to share and start figuring out what we’re going too do with this small but valuable planet we may be allowed out to look around the neighbourhood a bit.

It’s time we start finding our purpose as a species. Yeah, shit, we knew it was coming. The universe is a tough place and we can’t stay in our room forever. We’re already getting in serious trouble and if we don’t kill ourselves somebody may show up and clean us out. Yeah, I know, no one is bothering us yet but we’ve already figured out that the entrance exam to the next level is hard. No one from our neighborhood seems to have made it. But the ones that do must be bad ass. We can only hope that is bad ass in a good way.

So I think there is a lot riding on us. It sure would be cool to be of value to the universe. No body from around here has done anything, yet. We could be the first from this neck of the galaxy. Now that would be something to be proud of. A lot better than just leaving some ruins on a nice planet that may never be seen.

So, let’s get our shit together, clean up, and get serious. We need everyone pulling together to make the big time. There needs too be some serious head smacking for those kids that aren’t getting it together and that may include some real time outs. And that really goes for those trying hurt others cause their teddy bear told them to.

Remember, no more gods until we grow up.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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