We Have Only Memes Left

The absurdity leaves me breathless

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ September 25, 2020

It amazes me that we have political commentators and major media babbling about Democratic versus Republican election strategies for the future when the incumbent regime has announced it plans to deny the election and overthrow the federal government. Am I the only one who finds this bizarre?

Trump is now telling the media daily that he will ignore the election and the hell with everyone. His usual stooges repeat that there will be no transition because Trump will remain until he gets tired or dies. We can only hope.

If you look for information on this, you will need to check the back pages of our national newspapers. I guess this is not urgent news. Moscow Mitch announced that there would be a transition of power but with no indication of when or by whom? No surprises, so no followup by our loyal media.

Thousands of words are shed, to use an epidemiological term that seems appropriate, on obscure methods to fix the political infection of SCOTUS except no one thinks any of them will happen or will make any difference. The coup will eliminate the Court as anything but a rubber stamp for the police state. This will not be the Gestapo but the East German Stasi.

But wait, that is already happening so the election can be challenged and handed to Trump. Lindsey Graham announced that the Supreme Court would decide the next president. No one noticed he skipped the election. The Trump criminal brigade is in too much of a rush to keep things secret. They blurt out what they are planning because they know no one will do anything about it. Why worry?

The media word is that there is no way to stop this from happening, and if there was, no one willing to do it. By ‘no one,’ I mean anyone with leadership authority in Congress or at any federal level or any mainstream media editorial group. Correct me if I am wrong.

That Biden very carefully states that Trump’s public admission that he knew how dangerous COVID-19 was in February but lied about to avoid negative press, was ‘almost’ criminal brings to mind alarming images. I can see Biden discovering a body and suggesting that someone should check into this as the large pool of blood and the absence of the person’s head could, ‘almost,’ be a criminal act. You never know. Headless bodies might spring back to life.

Biden’s refusal to make a clear statement strikes me as uncomfortably similar to the lies that Trump continually does. Is it unreasonable to see that same moral failure in the media failing to call a fascist coup a coup or a white supremacist a racist? Or the distruction of any semblance of representative government as anything but national collapse?

That same media endlessly dissects white supremacist statements by Trump and members of his party to see if there is some harmless interpretation hiding there? They never find it, but the search never ends, so no conclusion needs to be drawn. Trump and crew are openly organizing fascist militias that he is ordering to disrupt the polls on election day. End of story. In other news . . .

It is irrefutably clear to everyone on this planet that Trump is a malignant narcissistic psychopath and criminal. Mary Trump’s new lawsuit against Donald states that, for the Trumps, “fraud was not just the family business — it was a way of life.” Trump is severely mentally damaged and has always done whatever he could get away with to get whatever he wanted.

The fact that he was, stupidly, given a chance to destroy the US government for his satisfaction while causing death and disaster for hundreds of thousands means nothing to him. That is a burden of guilt that every resident of the United States will carry into the grim future we all face.

It makes no difference what his accomplices, stooges, and cult followers say; the facts are not, and have never been in doubt. Even that his followers are indistinguishable from cult members, act, look, and declare themselves to be cult members, we cannot say they are cult members. The reason they are not cult members is still being researched. That is not objectivity, but the invitation to fraud, corruption, and murder.

Trump is working to the best of his limited abilities to make his followers into a death cult so he can use them as the modern equivalent of cannon fodder. Anyone who says otherwise is dangerous and needs careful observation. He casually dismisses 200,000 deaths as an unfortunate side effect of his drive to get whatever he wants. Normal, healthy human societies put those kinds of people away so they will not harm others.

Putting a person such as that in any position of authority is a sign of a terminally ill culture. That Trump’s followers see only their own greed as virtue is the American way. But no one can say it. We know that, we just can’t do anything about it.

The price for this is violence, sickness, and death. The burden of guilt that we all bear is nearly unsustainable and will be unless this situation is corrected. An acknowledged corrupt election process will not correct these problems.

The greed and addiction to power and oppression we see in the remnants of the Republican Party and mirrored in a slightly less deadly form in the Democratic Party is not politics but crimes against humanity. Most of us know that but can say it only as private citizens. Because of that, we have no route to survival.

That absence of any path except one through a tattered illusion of normality that hides a sheer drop to the rocks below means we must stop now and go no further. Pretending that it will somehow work out watching our towns burn, our shorelines flood, and people die from the pandemic, all of this leading to hopelessness is now our future. That there is no good reason for the national collapse is the final insult.

We know where this is going — the gathering of criminals, the mentally damaged, the twisted detritus of failed religions promised their shot at revenge will, with the wealth and power of a once-great nation, bring death and destruction to our planet’s already catastrophic future.

It appears that all we an do is keep repeating, #VoteHimOut, and then #LockThemUp and hope for the best. Smile, it is all we have.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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