We have had a year of petulant incompetence and wild swings of “policy”. Since there is no policy other than greed and demands manipulated by the servile scum who control the Republican Party, there is not much to be said. Trump has ceased to be of any interest other than as a dangerous pervert.

The greater disaster is the destruction of Congress and the federal government by the above mentioned servile scum. That is a tragedy that we do not, apparently, have any will or ability to correct. That is the death of this country. It will not survive the petulant man-child.

I am certain that proof of crimes will be brought against the entire Trump cohort by Mueller and that nothing will be done. Come November the election will be postponed due to some conspiracy or other or if it is allowed to happen will be completely dominated by Russian based social media hacks. The results will be predetermined. Enough is known by the general population now that I suspect the former has the highest possibility. Why risk the chance?

At that point everyone will be shocked. Millions of words will be published expressing that shock. Nothing will be done. The key point historically will be recognized, at a future time looking back, to have been the servile scum’s refusal to acknowledge Obama’s Supreme Court pick. By refusing to do what was required by law and tradition with no consequence the US was doomed. It is impossible to recover from an action such as that. This entire year has been one instance after another of pillage. And now no one can stop them.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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