We have all been saying this in slightly different ways. It is the central tragedy of this age. Authoritarian and bizarre systems have been, until now, the drivers of great success, great learning, and advancement. It has gotten better but then it starts to get bad again. Why?

Homo sapiens are pattern seekers and most comfortable in two dimensions. That is a product of our development of the tools to lay things down on stone or wood or paper. Our knowledge has almost always been flat. We are very well able to work in a much more complex paradigm but at our population’s based things are best understood if they are flat.

Funny how that should come up again. But on a flat world we go back and forth or around in circles. We need to beat everyone else into submission or we will keep bumping into them.

If we add the fourth dimension, time, as a functional third dimension in a flat world we are traveling into the future but not in straight line necessarily. A circle becomes a spiral. We travel through the same steps and processes but we return to a spot near but above where we were on the spiral.

My small point here is that we are moving into complexity with greater potential but we tend to see it as returning the same problems again and again. And that is confusing and depressing. The perspective is almost the same as it was before but if we look closely the angles are different. We have a slightly wider view of a greater chunk of the universe.

But I think we are at a point that breaks the spiral. We need to jump past the point we are at or maybe we will start sliding back down. It can’t, for whatever reason, continue as a stumbling transit of the same spiral.

We are sensing that in different ways and the pressure is building. That may be why the most challenged of our people are fighting to go back down.

But for us there is an arrow of time. It only goes up or we cease to be active in the movement to the future and that is death.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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