We have a very different future before us and we don’t understand it. In fact we have a significant part of our population that is actively working to misunderstand it. The Connected Gen, that never really knew the 20th century, has grown up having to make decisions on massive amounts of information instantly accessible. This article states the stunning introduction of this generation in America in their refusal to not react to the typical school massacre.

They do not know many things but they know how this world works and how to manipulate the levers of this century’s social media paradigm. This is only the first shock they will deliver.

That this appeared in this country during its control by the chosen leaders of the portion of the population that is most frightened and least capable of understanding the new social order is potentially tragic. This puts greater pressure on a struggling and weakened educational system that must change radically to meet the needs of a nearly completely new era in human society. That the educational system is a target of attack of old who have struggled to destroy scientific expertise adds injury to insult.

This generation is now entering the adult portion of their education and are both a breath of fresh air and a shock. The shock comes from what they have come to understand about the world they live in and what they yet need to learn. Their technical comfort, not knowledge, intimidates educators who have been able to avoid knowing about that “tech stuff”. The emerging tragedy is that these critically limited educators fail to understand what this generation needs to build the world that will save us all.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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