We don’t know what happened so it must be ok!

We have a very serious problem. The problem is the near total lack of national interest in the Trump campaign of ethnic cleansing, criminal separation of families now being deal with as felons under cobbled together laws making it a high crime coming to America for work.

Based on very limited information, the best security is denial of responsibility, hundreds of children have been placed with whomever asks for them and some have already been recovered from labor camps. Parents after months in prison camps of their own are deported and told it’s their problem to find their children. Trump’s government doesn’t care and does not consider children’s welfare to be its responsibility.

Hence umair haque’s carefully laid out description of the state of the this country now. International tribunals will result from this. We have no idea what happened to the almost 1.500 children that this government admits are unreachable. Eight have been recovered from work camps with no schooling. Where are the others?

The goons who make up, on a rotating basis, the Trump regime have made it clear that these people are not human so there is no concern. The play is purely political to appease the racists and haters who make up Trump followers. Who cares about Honduran and other families from failing Central American states. Again, they are subhuman per Trump himself.

The problem is how very, very careful the tiny voices of the American media are in not saying anything shocking. No mention of Crimes Against Humanity. No mention of the Trump regime selling Hispanic children to sexual predators, work camps, or child sex rings. Read the articles below, even from active anti Trump publications. No one is willing to say what must be said. No one wants to say the reality of evil that has been allowed to grow and take over this country.

Why these children probably just ran away to be with their families. No one has admitted selling them. Why worry? It’s only a thousand or two.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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