We can’t count on another chance

What was just said here is what I have been thinking since Tuesday evening except that I do not see any hope. The shouts of pleasure and relief whether verbal or written are too loud and too soon. The active destruction of the American Experiment, already in steady collapse for over fifty years, is, I’m afraid, already irreversible and the Trump regime is the destroyer. To barely defeat the election of a pedophile, racist, misogynist criminal to the highest political body in this nation is not something to celebrate. The fact that this disgusting and evil person was wildly supported by an incompetent, questionably elected, liar acting as president and supported by over 60% of Alabama’s white voters is not an indication of hope. The only salvation was the votes of the black community and particularly the female black community who would have been effectively reduced to subhuman status should Moore have been elected. Those people were facing the loss of all hope and managed to claw out a defeat for the actively racist and morally corrupt majority. This might have been less of a disaster at a precinct or even county level but that it occurred at the state level and to the US Senate is a clear sign of hope’s end.

The remaining dead eyed religionists, an old and important sign of cultural failure, have been working to promote their “end times” by plotting misery and sadism on all around them. These people are a tiny minority but the corruption of the political system has handed them power and they will get their way. We no longer have the strength in great swaths of North America to stop the destruction that they were used to achieve. The fact that a tiny minority can control whole states against the wishes of the great majority by suppressing the vote of any but their own kind eliminated the use of the electoral system. The Alabama election shows that. It took nearly the entire black voting population to manage a tiny victory. And be sure that such an outcome will not be allowed again.

Please understand that I am not being fatalistic or even hopelessly pessimistic but realistic in working to understand the process of change we are going through and that we must use to overcome the rapid crescendo of disaster we have brought on ourselves. We must change and to change meaningfully we must review all of our assumptions on effective government and how democracy can actually work in the 21st century. It cannot be done through third parties who can be captured by mindless crackpots or immoral opportunists driven by greed, or professional politicians for sale to the highest bidder and equally susceptible to fringe fantasies. We need the highest objectivity and databased logic to support us, all of us, in individually managing our societies. That is our only hope as we face the challenges of social change and the threat of atmospheric change from our irresponsible youth as a species.

There is hope but not so easy that we can wait for someone else to fix our failures. If that is we believe we will lose. Let’s not lose . . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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