We are the disease

My point was the long term development of the cultural psychology that grew out of the permanent state of war that is our history The concept of the frontier was inherently a war against indigenous people that came to include the African American population as slaves. The pieces of this have been kept buried for so long that they have rotted the core of American culture. The ongoing anthem insanity highlighted this inadvertently by again uncovering the ugly and murderous nature of Francis Scott Keys and the song he wrote celebrating the death of slaves and the British who had freed them.

This provides another example of the continuous process of hiding these horrors and explaining them away as “poetic license”. It is being done today. Combining this with the history of war from the denial of racism in the civil war, there was nothing else but racism, to the racist policies of the 20th century wars, again buried under the heroic victory against fascist/nationalists of Germany and Japan, to the unhealable wound of Vietnam leaves an unbelievably distorted society that worships guns and must ignore the growing, self inflicted slaughter. The goal is to keep the military losses to an “acceptable” number with technology and medical skill but the self inflicted killing cannot be admitted. The endless muttering of “thoughts and prayers” are mutterings of insanity.

We have reached the stage of almost complete dysfunctionality with a mentally deranged criminal in the highest position worshiped mindlessly by a third of the population. Ironically these are the people also worshiping guns, infected by racism, and killing themselves and their peers while we all watch in horror or are caught in the crossfire.

Nothing will be done because this country is now defined by these interwoven symptoms of disease. We are the disease and there is no cure.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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