We are that close to a shit storm that will wipe us out politically. Our cultural pattern of dealing with change has been stressed for the last 60 years with geometric increases in the rate and effect of change. None of this is a surprise but we handle it by claiming lack of knowledge or the well practiced “there’s controversy about. . ” even if the only thing controversial is denial in the face of certainty. “Wow, I was really worried there but nothing is really going to change. . .” Well we’re there, e.g. the glass has slipped from our hands and is about to shatter, and there is nothing we can do about it but hope for a magical answer. But the old magical answers were shattered by science several hundred years ago. The analogy itself shatters explosively into millions of razor edged shards that are already shredding our grasping hands.

I think we’re going to be all right. What? With luck enough people, not frightened of change, will get tired of tattered, crude, bleeding ignorance, and failed magic, look this thing in the face and see the answer. We must build a power greater than ourselves and accept where our AI offspring decide to take us. The responsibility for that result is our inheritance. Five years for that realization and ten years for success or failure. At the first point we will pass 15% jobless and either really begin to change or really begin to destroy ourselves. Can we change quickly enough to make the change?

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