We are at turning point with danger in all directions. American cultural and sociopolitical traditions hold these things as outside governmental control. This has been based on the 18th century enlightenment ideal of the gentleman as citizen.

That allowed for expansion of rights but misogyny and racism were assumed without question. But the brilliance, as shown in the careful structure of the founding documents of America, was to leave open rather than close off what they did not know.

Moral people do not lie for personal gain. They also do not deny scientific knowledge as that is the only foundation we have beyond unstructured human experience. And, because of that, religions as a repository of human experience in all of its forms are given a place in society and in personal life but not in public life or the life of the state.

For many reasons, most of them destructive political agendas, that has been lost. We can no longer count on the public to act morally or ethically in the context of rights and knowledge. A from of Christianity was weaponized in 19th century America turning a old religion that was disappearing into a political tool to foster hatred and bigotry for the sake of power.

That is the institutionalized foundation of the disgusting display you have described.With the manipulation of a failing government and electoral system the people who have become completely dependent on hatred and bigotry to gain power are now grabbing for everything that they can get. They know they have little time left.

They must be stopped. How do we do that? The principles and rights that are the foundation of the modern world and that were assumed to be inherently understandable as good by all citizens have been destroyed by a small faction.

Maintaining our rights for all in a society where a significant minority have been indoctrinated into white supremacy and bigotry in all its forms makes it dangerous to allow open expression of that bigotry. Speech is free in private and in public in principle but there now needs to be more controlled at some level to block the destruction of rights.

There is no easy or clearly justifiable way to do that in the context of our cultural principles. Censorship destroy the rights of thought and speech. But we need stronger tools to censor those who abuse others in the name of principles that they wish to deny to all others.

This appears to be too complex for our population. It needs to be understood that censoring content of speech is not censoring the right of speech. We accept that in our judicial systems but it has been kept very weak in America. I think that has been part of the destruction of the Enlightenment ideas that are the foundation of the American Experiment.

We need stronger weapons than just the assumption of right action. The Ohio representative who committed this atrocity should be forced to resign and then rules put in place to prevent others from attempting the same destruction of rights.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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