We are all struggling with the transition from fear of collapse to “what does this really mean?”. Even for people who have been seeing this as a likely development for the last eighteen months it is entirely different to face the disappearance of options and the departure of time. The tale is going to be told by the end of the summer although the incredible inertia of 300 million people spread across a continent may allow the nearly mindless media to obscure things until the end of the year.

Think back to the suddenness of the Berlin Wall collapse. Try to remember the day the USSR disappeared. I can’t. It happened suddenly but at the end there wasn’t a process but only tremendous confusion and the result. These things seem to be very much like dealing with a struggling business with bankruptcy lurking in the wings. There is still time and money until suddenly both simply disappear. Every option then is a lament for the past.

Being in this final stage isn’t something anyone wants. We are far past the simple correction of a bad political mistake. The evil has been lose for close to two years building and steadily sucking the oxygen out of our national life. Watching Trump gyrate and gesticulate, shout bigotry and ignorance was used by the forces of evil, who were once part of this nation state, to destroy hope for everyone but the ultra rich.

Whether some of them manage to think that, somehow, what they are doing is good is no longer relevant. They must not because everything has been done under the cloud of corruption, secrecy, and propaganda. Good politics does not happen in the dark. Good politics does not happen against the understood needs and demands of 75% of the population. Healthcare, education, well being, secure incomes are nowhere mentioned for any but those for whom the cost is irrelevant. If someone wants to claim legitimacy in that situation we are all going to deserve what we get.

And that is what is upon us.

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