We are all having to face this with an antiquated media playing everything for a bet, a horse race in a zero sum competition. That’s all they know and it is what the owners want. And we have a percentage of the population totally committed to hatred protected by willful ignorance. They are small enough and lost in an imaginary and hateful past so this is their last desperate effort to destroy the future.

Why would they want to destroy the future? An extreme case of the tragedy of the commons. They were taught that grabbing everything they can get and sharing nothing is good. Let the other people suffer. But they can’t escape that pattern and their mindless greed is based on faith that they will score. They would rather die than admit their failure.

Trump has lived his life with an inheritance to maintain the pretense but too ignorant to escape the debt. Lies are the answer for psychopaths and they have no problem with everyone dying to avoid the truth. We have a significant psychopathic subculture that is convinced they will be personally saved.

There is no help for this and no cure except isolation. The voting majority is focused on compassion and the future for all and that makes it incredibly hard to write off 20% of the population. But that compassion is allowing them to destroy America. Let them have their America. They are a disease that can’t be cured but only contained. We need to focus on our cities and regions building for the future. Cut the others loose. Cut them loose.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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