We all know how frightening this collapse is for everyone. The Trump/Republican coup was just that. It has no legitimacy. But the really frightening thing is that there only tatters of any legitimacy left. The Democratic Party is only a name with slightly less corruption but many, many more active people who are struggling to make it into a vehicle for a new party. But the destruction of the courts combined with massive state corruption in Trumpestan has removed any way to reverse or block more destruction.

I don’t think the Democratic Party will allow any real change. They are now the conservative corporate party and are owned by the same people. They only want candidates that would appeal to the old Republican Party. None of that is what surveys and studies have shown is wanted by the US population. What does that leave us with?

The only electoral hope, I think, is a massive turnout against a criminal regime (not for Democrats) that can override the Trump effort to declare such an election result invalid. If the results are overwhelming Trump will try to invalidate or ignore it probably with Russian help. We know the current Democratic leadership would immediately cave. They’ve done it twice in the last 18 years. They are just a facade.

If the result is a landslide against Trump (and it should be) the Democrats will be threatened by Trump and collapse and the new people running now will have to lead a revolution to salvage the country. That will be the Democratic Socialist Party in all likelihood. There is nothing else. They now have 40,000 members and are growing fast but have to run as Democrats even if that is a farce. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is very young but exactly what is needed with Bernie Sanders as the ‘old man’ for place-holder interim president.

I’m sorry but this is the only positive outcome I can see. Anything else and there will never be anything but farcical elections. That will need a secession and full national breakup to buy off the criminal regime by giving them the old confederacy or else Trump will invite a Russian takeover. He may do that anyway.

I never thought it would come down to this.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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