Watching the storm clouds darken

It always produces a gamut of conflicting thoughts and emotions when you read an analysis of our current human situation that presents an array of fresh terms and concepts that closely resemble those you have been attempting to present. I picked up on your Blue Church and Red Religion with your review from January 2017 placing the Trump disaster in the context of the massive paradigm shift that was suddenly real. Basically I agree with your assumptions and projection of a change that is still beyond the understanding of a majority of the population but rapidly being recognized by a different but overlapping majority. I think that the second majority is just beginning to stir and struggling to find a point from which to act. Unfortunately the first step to action is to move away from those who who are entangled in the old paradigm with its dogmas in a world defined by 18th century political principles and mercantilist economics. This is confusing because those principles dominate the planet and worked effectively for two centuries but became parodies of themselves and their opposites. That entire ramshackle structure is tottering but people have known only the allowed positions for and against with no grasp of how to see beyond those walls.

The key is the development, as you identify here, of new a collective intelligence. That process is well along but hidden in the fog and confusion of war within the old system as it fails. While certainly entertaining the entire Trump/neofeudal comic opera is simply part of the smoke of destruction but incredibly dangerous if it is allowed to destroy too much while the new paradigm emerges. The magnitude of the change is so great that it is nearly impossible to tell what is bad and what is good. Most likely that is not a workable dyad in this evolutionary change. In the larger context of planetary survival we need to achieve a planetary consciousness while breaking the old large structures into new more diverse and diversity friendly metropolitan regions. Again, I see that happening but almost completely hidden from either the Blue or the reactionary shock wave of the Red. The new reality is somewhere in the contradictory dynamic of Reddit and the post gender populations.

The turning point this year will be the US midterm elections. If that survives the crude authoritarian bid of the frightened clustering around Trump as a symbol of the old there may be short term resurgence of the Blue that may trigger a faster but less violent change. If the election is nullified to retain Trump the federal system will collapse ending in a more violent change that may well accelerate Chinese domination. It is a very interesting time while people watch the monkey gibber and dance while a new type of storm cloud grows around us.

We will see . . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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