Wait, what is this about? Has acquiring information become a threat? This looks like yet another marketing ploy on one hand and the inevitable reaction to new information technology on the other. Oh my god, this is going to kill us all. We have to stop!

Never fear we have just launched a new device to block all that scary information and communication. For a small monthly fee you can block the information that you pay to receive. We’ll restore you to ignorance.

As for kids . . . Those damn comic books are rotting their brains. They’ll all become mindless and die because they forgot to eat. TV is killing them. Hours in front of the TV. We’re going to hell.

Couch potatoes! That’s why America is fat! Everyone lays in front of the TV.

Books, reading all those books is unnatural. Everyone who reads is going to hell! Burn the books. Don’t let your kids read more than one a week!.

The process of change in human societies particularly in relation to expanded information access is classic approach/avoidance. What, exactly, are the problems? Somehow more time on processing information, communicating, game playing is dangerous. To whom is it dangerous?

This is clearly a process of control and fear on the part of the authorities (?!) warning of things that they can’t any longer limit. More information and more communication is very definitely subversive. That is what causes change. No wonder it is suddenly bad. Who knew that people would learn new things and start thinking about even newer things? This needs to stop!

The actual problem integrating new levels of information and communication into society. People texting while driving is bad. That needs to be noted. Light frequencies at night effect the sleep cycle. That needs to be corrected for. Sleeping with your phone puts you close to high frequency waves that seem to have an effect on sleep. This needs to be understood and people warned.

People learn quickly when things actually cause problems. Waling down the street and not looking at your phone can cause injusty when smack a light pole. Hmmm, need to improve skills. Better yet things information needs to e provided verbally to you so your eyes are available for ordinary things. That is happening now.

And kids? They need to be taught that playing games is the same whether it is phone based on baseball diamond based. The is a balance and responsibilities that you have to learn. Apples Screen Time is useful. But that is about it.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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