Very good. Reading the responses to this is worth the trouble. All that I have seen here are neatly hoist on one of the bad faith petards. They simply cannot tolerate rationality and that, of course, results in continuous sealioning, or endless repetition of the same very limited points.

I find the most humor in the intense and desperate efforts to prove science, i.e. the primary positions, as hopelessly distorted primarily due to the failure of the individual’s pet peeve to be granted any status. The white supremacists tend to get lost in that. God, do they get lost in building massive edifices of words teetering on a peeve.

Allowing for human shortcomings, the scientific method works pretty well. Of course if the conclusions reached and repeatedly confirmed objectively do not match those you desire they must be confirmation bias on the part of those in scientific research. How else could they come to so obviously wrong a conclusion. Confirmation bias does exist and it is very well known but could it be that the mainstream positions point to both specifically and generally valid conclusions?

Scientists and those who work at understanding things somehow end up in nearly complete opposition to what is now deemed conservatism. The simpler answer is that what passes for conservatism in the 21st century is a clutter of discarded justifications supporting the present, some previously failing, or already failed status quo. A little base logic in that situation would tell you to take a long hard look at your hole card. Hmm, on one side most of the scientific community and on the other side, me. Hmmm. I don’t think confirmation bias attested to by a fringe journal or two is going to cut it.

Sadly, there is no current valid conservative philosophy. We really need diversity but various failed themes of greed, arbitrary hatred, and willful ignorance are not a philosophy. The only valid, existing conservative philosophy is liberalism. That is the economic and political systems that created the world we live in but is now failing due to a rapidly changing planetary and evolving human environment.

Where we need to go is beyond that. Quit wasting time attacking the previous successes that are now failing. You should be trying to salvage liberalism and open world markets. That is now a conservative position. There is even some value in that position.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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