Vast wealth and great squalor

Interesting, we all deal with the news, realities, and implications daily here and other places in the new, direct media. The analogy of Al Capone, Stalin, and Goebbels’ Information Ministry is too close for comfort. But the national, MSM says nothing. Since Trump is a gibbering idiot they make do with mild mockery since it is too well known planet wide to be able to ignore completely. Very little coverage except ‘he said, she said’ on the large Republican senatorial pilgrimage to Russia for the 4th of July, of all times. This is a very clear sign of the collapse of this country politically.

The power vacuum at the top leaves disparate and unofficial forces at war behind the curtains. Peace with Russia? No, war with Russia. North Korea is disarming, no, obviously not. War with North Korea? Bolton wants war anywhere he can get it. The corporate scavengers that cluster around Trump as an easy fool to manipulate want safe wars in small places for maximum return on investment. The rest are confused and don’t know what to do but fill their pockets as fast as possible. That’s what is expected, now.

To put it simply the old systems are hanging by a thread and a new society is beginning to crack the shell of the old. The old will die in vast wealth but great squalor. The new will not look back.

We see some of the new here. The old see only the old that is stiffening and beginning to crumble. Hopefully the metamorphosis will succeed and not kill the new in it’s death throes.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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