Using this election as the last hope I have not seen anyone even suggest that a possible change is larger than Democratic takeover of the House. And even that is not clear even with a Blue Wave, whatever that means.

In 2016 we all watched a major, national election tipped into illegitimacy by a combination of voter suppression, foreign propaganda, and illegal actions by both high federal officials and complicit state officials. But nothing could be done because no one was willing to say what occurred.

“It was technically legal” was easier. But nothing has changed. In this election we have only the state votes. Despite all the initial denials (when it mattered) voter registration and actual polling data appears to have been breached in at least two states.

I am getting the feeling that there are a number of states who are not interested in looking any closer this year than in 2016. These are states with consistent policies of increased voter suppression. How will this affect the results?

Yes, a landslide loss of Congress would cripple the Trump regime but that would only force them into blatantly illegal actions. A unified Congress could take action. A narrow majority in the House would do what?

I’m not just trying to be negative. We must use the tools we have. But I’m afraid those tools are broken and inadequate. A small, technical success could actually do more harm by gutting the opposition.

We are fighting a conflagration only to discover that our fire hose has been replaced with a garden hose.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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