Two constant perspectives

How to regain sanity and control while preparing for the future

by Mike Meyer

It’s time again for some perspective. It is very clear to me that we are at the end of the road for the US as a nation state. In fact, as I’ve said for some time, we are at the end of the road for the nation state as an organizational system for political administration planet wide. I think we, in the US, are just about ready to see that there is no other alternative but to let the Confederacy finally go in the form of Trumpistan. It is, sadly, impossible to humanely deal with a significant minority of the population that refuses to abandon racism and bigotry as a socially defining principle and have knowingly swallowed the ancient poison of a fascist dictator.

The roots of this, as many people have finally come to understand, go back to the colonial era conquest and destruction of indigenous states and almost all of the indigenous population that has never been atoned for or even openly acknowledged. Two centuries of racism mediated by western expansion and then the world wars and resulting industrial wealth of the first half of the 20th century has festered for the last fifty years with steadily declining ways to cover it up. The accelerating collapse of the US economy as a creator of strong and public communities over the last fifty years has turned this failure into a fatal disease.

The complete blindness, by the problem population segment, to the brutal travesty of the Trump concentration camps is not something that can be mediated. There is no compromise that can be allowed. To stay together as national unit would require that something like 30% of the US population be beaten into submission and several state governments completely replaced. There are no mechanisms in the national entity to use for this. The question becomes how to move to short term positions regionally while maintaining focus on the much larger and longer term planetary transformation. We are a planetary community made up of may layers of antiquated administrative systems.

This reality carries the burden of guilt at the suffering and atrocities that will almost certainly affect people living in the regressive areas. We accept this internationally with the veneer of justification that ‘those’ people have the government they selected. The only support for that veneer is the rights of asylum. It will be essential to maintain open acceptance of asylum seekers after the great disruption of people who will want to move at the division.

That is also the real issue that is driving the majority of the American population who realize the growing and critical importance of always accepting asylum seekers or simply refugees. We are all facing a future as refugees in a climate failure and it is, in the short term, the only human way to handle regions under the rule of despots and criminals. We are all becoming citizens of this planet first and that requires recognizing our obligations to all other residents of this planet.

The planetary change will be very quick in some places and slow in others but it will happen faster than we can imagine. We are already functioning with a majority of the population in large metropoles or city states. China and India show that future as already planned but the unforeseen implications will be massive. This makes a lot more sense as we move to a virtualized planet with direct citizen interaction replacing 18th century pseudo democracy. They did not have the information technology in the 18th to 20th centuries to instantly and simultaneously track millions of voices.

While we are still fully stumped by old problems and completely flummoxed by the idea of doing anything directly with government, we will get over that hopefully sooner rather than later. The old problems have reached a critical mass with fascist idiots such as Trump and other would be dictators manipulating the befuddled population for power and money. It is time to make the leap and we need to make the leap quickly. It will happen. People decide to change and they will catch the wave as they realize the absence of alternatives. The old players do not provide new answers and people figure out when the old answers no longer work. Again, Trump is a classic example of how the old answers fail, nearly completely, in new situations.

The technology that is driving the full paradigm shift continues to speed up. The game playing we are watching is irrelevant and getting more so every day but it is hard to avoid being mesmerized by the seemingly endless train wreck. And we do need to watch out for the tactical changes and the flying debris that is becoming more and more dangerous. But this is what will drive people to the real change we are already experiencing and they need to grasp.

So these are two perspectives that we must maintain to stay sane. The longer term perspective, touched on above, and the short term tactical perspective that will keep us positioned and as safe as possible while we watch the old system disintegrate.

It is already beyond the question of disintegration as too much damage has already been done and the potentially complete politicization of the SCOTUS removes the last component of checks and balances. By that point full dictatorial control by an illegitimate, minority government will have been completed.

While the logical action at this point will be the blocking of any appointment action by Trump based on 1) The active federal investigation into impeachable offenses plus extensive concurrent instances of massive corruption. We’ll leave treason out for the moment. 2) The otherwise absurd blockage of a SCOTUS appointment under Obama based on election year something or other. This now is the common rule of the US Congress.

In a working nation the first of these would automatically cause a majority of representatives and senators to refuse to act until impeachment or clearance of the charges inherent in the Russian involvement. This is not a working nation so there is no guarantee of any rational action.

We all know where we are and that is nowhere. Nothing will happen except the continued denial of reality and attacks on all elements of the population except for the white supremacists. This, of course, could change dependent on Trump’s scheduled meeting with Putin. We can be certain that something will emerge from that and Putin will hold the whip.

There is really little left of any normal response or course of action for the majority of the American population that is not represented by Trump. It would seem that direct action needs to be taken.

Constant public attacks on anyone connected with the Trump regime is already beginning to take attention away from Trump’s infantile tantrums. Those worked for 18 months to mesmerize and traumatize the population but it is time for the majority to take back control.

I would suggest there needs to be a large and consistent counter attack on the spineless media. Any existing subscriptions should be stopped and the alternative media that we do control should become the source of real news and information.

These are short term tactical moves that will bring the majority to the realization that there is no other way than direct action against the destruction of legitimate government.

But we must act, wherever possible with the longer term, in anticipation of the planetary changes in climate, and transformation to massive metropoles as the new centers of human existence. Those are the large historical forces that will push change that any short term action must anticipate.

This is the complexity that we must learn to manage. And you thought it was just idiot Trump and his goons.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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