Twitter is Trump’s doom. When I originally wrote this way back in February we were still in a phase with “adults” in the White House. That is no longer the case and only toadies are left hence the continued, frantic tweeting with statements that are public admissions of guilt. There is no effort to stop him from saying things that will ultimately destroy any attempt at a legal defense. Actually taking a public stand that Cohen “won’t flip” admits that there is something to flip about. A legal statement would have to be that there were no illegal acts so there is no concern about whatever Cohen does. That is way beyond Trump’s abilities.

It’s a three year old’s concern for punishment with the same level of logic: “I didn’t do anything! Eddie did it, too!”

You are absolutely correct, the fear is that we have some 35% of the population that has an inherent inability to value fact over emotion that produces a strong tendency to authoritarian rulers. These are people that follow mythological religions, are frightened of change, hate anyone who isn’t just like them, and will destroy themselves for a chance at revenge.

Sadly, these tendencies can be countered in a healthy society that represses them and removes the chance of being rewarded for acting them out. We no longer have a healthy national society.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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