Trump’s Old Tricks are Worn Out

I had to think about this a bit. It exceeded even my cynical and paranoid suspicions. There could be some truth to this as a trap for Pelosi but only partially. Trump, and those that he surrounds himself with, are not that bright. His narcissistic ego is massive and it will not allow someone who can say things he doesn’t understand to be close enough to plot together.

At the same time Trump, et al, are evil and cunning by experience. The evil removes all restraint, empathy, and prevents any remorse. That makes Trump dangerous with his only restraint being his own cowardice.

The people around him are greedy, evil, and not too bright. This causes them to frequently self destruct. But Trump likes that because he can perform by diverting attention, shouting lies, threatening, and victimization conspiracies. That is his power and it has always worked for him when he could do it. Most business people will give up rather than face all of that plus specious, multiple lawsuits.

I think this explains part of the bizarre Trump tendency to sabotage his own schemes as well as using others who are equally incompetent or self destructive such as Rudy Giuliani. We’re seeing this again with release of the whistleblower summary of the damning conversation.

Trump, as he becomes more and more frightened, has to prove that he can overwhelm his opposition by his performances. So he both fears and desires people to see what he has done that he understands will blow up on him. He has to win and that must be by intimidating people into submission.

If this logic is accurate then what he does can appear to be a trap because otherwise it would be too self destructive. But it actually is self destructive but the goal is not, primarily, an attack on his opposition but the creation of the stage on which Trump proves his superiority in lying and intimidation.

This is basic neighborhood bully or gang lord mentality. They must keep showing off until someone takes them out. In the transcript we have he used this on the president of the Ukraine when he said. “I have lots of friends in the Ukraine. Really fine people.” Zelensky knew a threat when he heard it as he immediately said that he has many Ukrainian friends in the US.

Trump is completely predictable when you understands his simplistic goals. It is not complex and, as a result, is more dangerous as he is driven to blow things up just to be able to perform his act. Yes, it is primitive primate.

Now he is in way over his head and has nothing left but to repeat his limits tricks as fast as possible. It always worked before . . .

That we are still dealing with this at a national and international level is absurd.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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