Trump will continue to kill before he is removed. He has no other choice to restore his power. As he is mortally wounded now and sees that most of the government will not obey, I expect he will increasingly ask for signs of loyalty from his followers. He came very close to that in the campaign as it is all that he knows. Effectively that is what he is doing now by marking his enemies as “leakers”.

Sadly we don’t know how many have been killed already. This is being carefully ignored to maintain the pretense of normality. But this will need to move quickly because the regime has so few ways to plan or act. Trump is insanely impulsive and will manage to trigger a disaster that will demand extra-constitutional action.

If this action doesn’t happen, and the slow wheels of the FBI investigation are the only response, we lose. Violence will escalate as the criminal forces of oppression ramp up their alternate realities to drive those with nothing to lose to action.

This would be a brutally ironic tragedy as the fascist lurch of the most threatened and confused in post industrial societies is already in decline. The surprises of European elections show the speed of change. As the old order collapses we will go through cyclic oscillations while our societies reorient to a new order. And shaping that is where we all need to be focused.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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