Trump thinks he is unstoppable

We certainly don’t have anyone who can stop him

By Mike Meyer

Well Trump has begun to shovel serious shit on the fan. Will anything happen except anger and embarrassment by most world leaders? Up to now he has been afraid to do more than throw an occasional turd at the international fan. Mostly he has been pumping himself up at what he has been able to get away with but people with his type of mental problems have to get away with more. They have to outrage everyone. That is the only way they can prove their divinity.

The great problem is the continued existence in positions of authority of people who caused this disaster and are still excited to show off what they have been able to steal while Trump flails. Sadly that is all that he can do as he understands little of what he is dealing with.

This is no longer harmless stupidity or play time politics that has become standard on the national level in this country. The internal damage has left us in free fall. We are powerless to even react to brutal abuse of thousands of innocent children, vicious and incompetent racists appointed to federal courts, massive corruption at the cabinet level, the cold blooded lies on the deaths in Puerto Rico caused by an idiot who thought is was funny to throw paper towels at the survivors.

None of that was worthy of action or even condemnation. But now the rest of planet has been steadily insulted, not by babbling, but by dangerous attacks on the international order. The promised encore is a negotiation from ignorance with a small but very dangerous, nuclear armed despot that Trump thinks he can make his ‘mini me’.

The posturing by both side may yet prevent this horror from happening but it is probably too late to stop as the players are in route to the game. I’ve said this before and I will repeat again. The danger is that Kim Jong Un appears much more intelligent than Trump but is also personally responsible for an unknown number of individual and mass murders. At that level Trump is a back street wannabe. I have a sickening feeling that Kim going to this meeting knows that he can win big against Trump. Let’s hope it is only international status but I’m almost positive it is far more than that. What does he have planned? Trump is infantile and has no idea what is happening. And Trump is surrounded by fools who he can intimidate.

We will know very soon. Let’s hope the results are not historical level horror. The best we can hope for is that Kim will simply make a fool of Trump and go home happy to play more another day.

If we all survive the next week I think we will need to look at the leaders of the primary nation states to decide to act to stop this before it succeeds in destroying everything. No one in any national leadership position will do anything. They have proven that. We need to look elsewhere for help.

Hope for the best.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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