Trump Rats Scurrying for Exits

An excellent and very clear summary of the evidence to date of Trump’s deep involvement in what can only be called treasonous activities. Stated simply and carefully this shows the full weight of evidence. This explains the violent thrashing around of the Trump regime as rats scurrying for cover.

It is interesting that this simple compilation of the facts to date quickly produced squeals of outrage. Facts clearly stated tend to do that. The remaining Trumpian’s desperation is producing some of the most disgusting indications of political collapse yet seen in the history of this country. And it is taking at least half the two party system down with it.

The effort to find cover by saying it is nearly impossible to prove collusion is quickly becoming a moot point. Collusion is difficult to prove but major criminal investigations rarely bring down their targets with the most serious charge possible. It is worth remembering that Al Capone, at the peak of the US gangster era, was put away for tax evasion. I expect that, in the end, the amazingly stupid Trump cohort will be put away for money laundering and various conspiracies that are already confirmed. The remaining question is whether the final actions will be done at the federal level or at the state level as a last resort of justice.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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