Trump is a psychopathic criminal. Oops, I don’t think I’m supposed to say that about the president of the United States. I’m supposed to make nice like the dude isn’t ignorant and vicious and completely dedicated to whatever will make himself feel good.

Everything is normal and the millions of people support Trump and the Republican Party. I’m being unreasonable and should just understand that my and everyone I know’s outrage is not normal. This is just normal politics and we’ve had criminal psychopaths as presidents before. Really? Name one.

Nixon was a twisted shit and paranoid as hell. It finally got him in trouble but he was still sane enough to do the right thing. I remember watching him debate John F. Kennedy in the first, ever television debate between presidential candidates so I am not speaking from secondary sources. I also remember watching him the day after he lost to Kennedy, “Now, you won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore!”.

Everyone was disgusted. That was being a poor loser. If there is something that Americans don’t like it is a poor sport. That is what was said. Yes, actually said and it was also true. In another galaxy, long, long ago. Then he came back . . . But that’s another story.

Any other psychopathic criminal presidents? Some bad ones but not bug fuck crazy. Maybe Andrew Jackson but he wasn’t crazy. He was a vicious racist and destroyed treaties with the indigenous nations that this country had been founded on. Then began the genocide that continued through the 19th century. Oh, wait, you may not know about that because our educational system teaches that even slaves were happy.

Someone told Trump about Jackson. That’s his favorite president. Wonder why? He doesn’t know shit about history but he found someone who he can respect. The people who are telling the ignorant one these things have an agenda. Trump knows nothing unless it is on Fox News and Fox News is proud to know nothing. The American way.

Psychopathic criminals do not get better. The get worse until they are stopped. Check it out if you doubt me.

I’m not a practicing clinical psychologist but I know something about it. More importantly I’m old enough to have managed organizations and many people in those organizations. These things are pretty rare but I accidentally hired a psychopath engineer once. I fired him after three months but he nearly wrecked a growing company by lying constantly and making up whatever he though would get him either sympathy or power. Sound familiar?

The most deadly mistake you make in these situations is seeing only what you want to see reinforced by seeing what other people want you to see. How can you be sure? It can’t be what it looks like. It must be something more normal.

The professionals will argue diagnosis and the difficulty of naming mental diseases. The names change and blur together. That’s because people are not simple and don’t just fit neatly into nice boxes.

In reality there is a larger box and that box is weird but not dangerous. There is another box that is weird and dangerous to themselves. Those two are very big boxes. There is another smaller box that is totally removed from people and dangerous with any power. You can label that with many names and they all apply to a greater or lesser extent.

This names are pathological narcissist, sociopath, psychopath, bigot, bully, asshole prone to near constant outrage and anger. And more. Pick the ones you want and give them each a weighting number. That’s how you do it.

But they don’t get better. They only get worse. And there are always people who hook their wagon to these people because they think they can steal some for themselves because the dude is so fucked up he’s an idiot.

And Putin told him he could knock over China. Everyone will remember Trump for scaring China. Cool.

Hey, look folks. I can poke these Chinese guys and they’ll just roll over. They are playing this very carefully to their advantage. It helps that Trump uses a stupid phone that they can listen to whenever they want. The Chinese leaders are not nice people but they aren’t bug fuck crazy and know how all this can end.

Does that mean that they are better or smatter than us? Right now it actually does. China is going down a similar road led by an authoritarian who is very scary because he is many time smarter than Trump. They are also the emerging most powerful nation on the planet. They are going up and this country has been going down now for many years.

I think we are just about at the end of the road and it is not the road we thought we were on. In fact we haven’t even allowed ourselves to look at this road. We’re too busy convincing ourselves we are on another road entirely.

Let me know if you find another criminal psychopathic president. And listen to all the folks in media talking as if this is just another election and it is all normal. No danger at all.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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