Trump is Not a Despot?

He is a despot in training . . .

I keep seeing news stories that play on the same theme, Trump is an idiot and a problem but he is not a despot. I beg to differ. Yes, he did not take power by a direct act of force. He does not have absolute, authoritarian power. But he acts as if he does. Does anyone doubt that he dreams of eliminating all media and anyone who will tell the truth that he despises? I would not be so quick to say he is not a despot simply because he hasn’t yet been able to grab enough power to technically achieve that goal. That is ultimately dangerous.

These stories are, I think, another stage in the steady acceptance of the Trump regime and the collapse of the country. No one is willing to call it what it is any longer. He gained power in a very doubtful election without a majority and with clear voter manipulation on his behalf. That destroys his legitimacy. He has been made a fool of around the planet in the last year, most recently, to great embarrassment in Asia. Up to now this was simply embarrassing. In Asia he was played like a fiddle and had not even a clue. Despots are authoritarian and brutal and can also be ignorant and stupid. Let’s face it, they are basically narcissistic bullies.

How can you say that Trump is not a despot? He should be denied all pointless qualifications of his status. A wannabe despot is still a despot. A failed despot is still a despot. Let’s make sure we call him what he is with no excuse for his failures.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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