Trump Insanity and Rage

This needs to end quickly before it is too late

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By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 15, 2019

It certainly appears to be a growing world of hurt for Trump and his enablers. While objectivity is denounced and pretended to be ignored by these people, that doesn’t change the reality of three years of blundering and criminal activity coming home to roost.

The domestic political wasteland is confusing for everyone. The ground is so torn up from herds of, less than brilliant, politicians thundering across the landscape over the last fifty years that telling the truth from lies is almost impossible.

But international diplomacy is distinct and still retains remnants of much more diverse traditions. It does have its own language and a very different level of professionalism. Many a low grade politician with delusions of grandeur has been brought low by attempting the play their minor league game in the planetary arena.

Trump thought he could play and is now discovering that the rules are much harsher than he knew. Lies are one thing and domestic criminal activity is another but international extortion crudely attempted is a killer. That is a lesson that Trump is probably not able to understand but he is so badly damaged already that he will never recover. And he understands that instinctively.

The display of self mutilation by sycophant politicians among his coterie of losers is not going to restore credibility now. Once the pretense has been destroyed there is nothing a mentally crippled, reactionary narcissist can do to become feared again. And fear is what he lives on. And his bumbling stooges have nothing else.

The whole thing has become a steady descent into the pitiful world of a failed celebrity. To watch the best the US Republican Party can find self immolate for a fool is embarrassing. It is clear that this is not going to get any better for them.

Even marginal people such as Nunes and Jordan are looking sick at what they are being required to do. That Elise Stefanik has identified a rate opportunity for one of the few Republican women to score attention is brutally ironic. This can hardly be anything but a Pyrrhic Victory of some kind for her while everyone watches with growing disgust.

Needless to say Trump has managed to find, yet another, hammer to smash himself in the head in reaction to the debacle as is his wont. Pardoning US war criminals in direct defiance of US military justice and to outrage both domestic and foreign makes the impulsive and stupid sabotage of the Kurds in Syria just another pile of bodies.

We know well, now, Trump’s pattern is to commit outrageous crimes to prove that he is all powerful after having been made to look a fool. This is the remaining danger as he is totally out of control now and, as we all feared, he will not hesitate at anything to prove that he has no limits.

It is time to stop worrying about the endless political horse race and the fake drama of who will win and who will lose. We all are about to lose.

The percentage of completely mindless Trump followers who have sold their souls is no longer relevant. They are not harmless but are nearly so. They are too old and depressed with little understanding of what is happening on this planet to be anything more than an annoyance. They have made the choice to be what they are and they are now irrelevant.

They can vote for Trump and watch nothing but fiction on Fox News while shouting at their family and neighbors but if Trump and his enablers have been removed there is nothing they can do. It is that simple.

It is time to forget about them and eliminate the danger for all of us while we can. This is not going to get better as Trump will be driven to greater and greater outrages. He cannot help himself.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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